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  1. bby31288

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    Hi all any nurses around. I'm concerned about husband. He is a huge man 6'5 and over weight after gastric bypassing 1999. He has severe pitting edema. Has had it a long time. The issue is the 40 mg lasix is not working. The edema is moving to his hands. He has had vascular work ups done for his legs. It was all good. I'm thinking if the edema is moving up to his hands is it possible we are heading towards congestive heart failure. It's a holiday weekend. Do we go to the ER! Wait it out till we see a dr. He wanted to change doctors because basically the one he sees now is doing not much for him. I also feel he is not metabolizing the lasix or potassium because of the gastric bypass. Any advice? I should add that both his mother and maternal grandfather died of kidney failure.
  2. busywend

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    I am no nurse, but if you think there is even a possibility he should be seen then go!
  3. recoveringenabler

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    I agree with busywend. I am not a medical person either, however, if your intuition says he is in jeopardy, just go. If he's okay, they'll send you home. Let us know what happens......keep us updated.........
  4. Hound dog

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    I am a nurse.

    Get him to the ER asap. Don't wait.

    In such situations it is always best to be checked out completely. In husband's case given family history not wait. Kidney issues tend to be genetic and congestive heart failure is nothing to play around with either.

    If it turns out to be not a huge deal, at least you know that and won't be sitting around worrying to death.

    Let us know what they say. You know us worrying warts.

    Praying it is not serious. '

  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    I wouldn't take any chances. I'd take him.
  6. bby31288

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    I am trying. He is being his stubborn self. I'm showing him the information I'm finding but he is like I'll see the dr Tuesday. But I will keep pressing him. I have his legs elevated. But he does that every night. And there is no change 9 hrs later.
  7. Hound dog

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    Tell your husband that my Fred was stubborn too. By the time he was scared enough to go, it was too late.

    He did not die that night, but he did have the massive heart attack that cost him his life a short time later.

    The excess fluid build up increases your husband's blood pressure, it puts a strain on his heart which puts a strain on everything else. That 40 mg of lasix is not having any effect is worrisome.

    Regardless of his stubborness if he has difficulty breathing, as in panting or shortness of breath an ambulance. The medics might be able to convince him where he doesn't want to listen to you.

    Prayers, hon.

  8. susiestar

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    Do WHATEVER you need to do to get him to the ER. Lisa is a nurse and if she says to go, GO. The men I know don't have much common sense when it comes to medical things, so if they are sick it usually takes the women or kids in their lives having a fit or making life awful to get them to the doctor.

    I hope he has already had medical treatment, but if he hasn't, PLEASE do whatever is needed. You would be shocked at some of the things I have done to get my husband to the doctor. The list includes, but is not limited to, removing his computer access until he is compliant (he claims this traumatized him and gave him PTSD, I called BS and offered to do it again to conduct and 'experiment' to prove which of us was right. He declined, lol!), reminding him that he PROMISED that he would not die before I did back when we got married, and even offered to go get a gun so he could just get it over with rather than dragging it out for the rest of us. Yes, mean, but the last one was for pneumonia and the docs told us that if we had waited he would have been dead by morning most likely. I use the big guns when he gets like that over medical stuff.
  9. tiredmommy

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    Tell him he goes in the car with you OR he can go in an ambulance. Do you have an urgent care facility nearby? They'll transfer him to the ER if it is serious.
  10. bby31288

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    I'm trying. I took out the big gun. My daughter is coming with my grandson. He loves my grandson so much. She will try to talk some sense into him too. Thank you guys. I mean he is only 46. Last night I told him he promised he wouldn't die. Why are they so stubborn. It is making me extremely resentful
  11. SomewhereOutThere

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    Men can be so silly about their health. Honestly, threaten to bring in two Sumo wrestlers to carry him to the car and hold him down if he refuses to go :)) I really hope you can get him to agree to get treatment. Do these guys think they are invincible (sigh).

    Will be waiting for a hopefully good update.
  12. bby31288

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    Update all. Grandson worked. He went. So far oxygen saris good. Ultrasound of legs looks ok. Waiting on chest X-ray. They will admit at least overnight. He needs IV lasix and potassium in the least. Measuring urine input/output. Depending on how that goes referral for cardiologist. Nephrologist. Pulmonologist (sp) for several sleep apnea. We will take it one crisis at a time. Thanks all. I'll keep you updated.
  13. recoveringenabler

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    Thanks for the update. I'm relieved he is being taken care of now. You must be SO relieved. Whew! Hugs to you, you must be exhausted from kind to YOU.
  14. bby31288

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    I am relieved. Although I will say. I'm still resentful of him. There is stubborn and there is just down right not caring about those you love and needing you. Ya know!
  15. DDD

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    Glad you were able to get him on the go. I totally understand the resentment that comes when husband's cop an attitude. My senior husband literally said a couple of weeks ago "oh well if I have a problem that's the way it goes" I replied, in a not very nice way "Don't think for a minute that I'm capable of taking care of you when I have my own issues!" Really it is so darn childish. Fingers crossed that he gets better pronto. Hugs DDD
  16. 1905

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    If you get too scared call an ambulance, who cares what he says? You want him to live. My mom's neighbor was the same way, the man died and she has many regrets. I hope by now your husband has seen a dr. Hugs!
  17. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Glad he is getting treated.

    Grandchildren can work miracles at times. :)