husband broke his foot...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tictoc, Jan 6, 2010.

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    ...and then proceeded to walk around on it (with a cane) for two weeks before finally going to the dr yesterday. He SWORE that it was getting better and that it wasn't broken. Ummm....wrong. Broken. He's getting a referral to an orthopedist today. Fortunately, the bone isn't displaced, so he won't need surgery.

    How does someone walk around with a broken foot for two weeks???

    Just to add a little context...He broke it as we were leaving our house to take difficult child to the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist had a last minute cancellation and we were thrilled to get in (2 days before Christmas), so there was no way we were stopping for a broken foot at that point. But, really, two weeks???
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    Well......I am so sorry he did this but....and not to side with him (so sorry here). I kicked a maul out of a pine stump --rather I attempted to so and broke my right foot. This was karate kid meets iron will and bones splintered. This next part is NOT for the squeemish.

    I "set" my own foot by putting it in the door jam and slamming it shut on my foot with a board next to the instep. Then I wrapped it in an ace wrap, took 2 tylenol and walked on it. Limped is a better word.

    Three weeks later I stepped on a ladder, and broke the other one. I weighted nearly 300 lbs and according to the doctor the foot was in the wrong place at the wrong time under tremendous pressure and just popped. They Xrayed both feet. He said I did a dandy job setting the other foot. (Score one for the poor person) It was healing nicely believe it or not. Could not believe what I did to reset the bones but....that's what being poor will do.

    So don't be too rough on your hubby - if the bones (which I learned are really sticky) have already started to heal? They may have to rebreak the healed parts to reset them correctly and THAT is painful.

    I figured you were going to tell us he busted his foot off a difficult child behind. lol

    Take care! Hugs & Earplugs for all the "Ohhhhh Ewwwww" you shall possibly endure in the coming weeks. Poor you!

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    difficult child broke his once and "forgot' to tell us because he had a hockey tournament coming up. So, he wore flip-flops for 2 week and walked on the side of his foot so he wouldn't limp. It worked; we knew nothing. After the tournament he went to the school nurse. When she asked how long it had been hurt---2 weeks. That was an interesting phone call. He ended up in a cast for 6 weeks---most of the summer.
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    You Southerners! What's a maul? Is it something like a hoo-doo?
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    Well I once broke a toe and limped around on it for 2 weeks thinking it was just a bad bruise (hurt like heck and was very colorful), but when the pain really wasn't getting any better I finally went in and got the xray. Being a toe, there wasn't anything to really do but keep off it as much as possible. So unless it's a really, really bad break (like Star's), I can completely understand someone trying to gimp around on it for a while before realizing it needs to be treated.

    Hope he's not a bad patient while it heals!
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    And what in the world is a hoo-doo, Witz? Bad enough I don't know what a maul is... :rolleyes: or is that the place where you shop? Always thought that was a mall. But then the British call it a "mal" -- which in Spanish means "bad", so I guess that's right because if it was enough to break Star's foot, it must've been REALLY bad!
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    Well, a maul is a heavy sledge hammer except it has an axe type edge on one side of the business end. They are very commonly used for splitting wood and the like
  8. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Okay, thanks for that translation GN! I guess Star really mauled her foot then, didn't she?
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    We use a maul and pound it into the wood with another sledge hammer to split the wood. I guess everyone does their own thing different. This particular one got stuck and I thought "no biggie" I'll kick it out. (DUH)

    .......when I woke foot was broken.

    A Who Do is .......

    What you say to a toddler when you find something they did that's cute but bad and you ask them in poor English "WHO DO this?" :tongue: