husband could use some good vibes and board power

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  1. mstang67chic

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    He has a phone interview tomorrow for the store manager position of his store. The way his store is set up...there is one manager and 2 asst. managers. This is for the actual manager's position and would mean a huge bump in pay as well as possibly better hours as he could make his own schedule within reason.

    According to a tipster, there are 2 other people besides husband up for the job. One supposedly doesn't really have a chance but the other one is who husband thinks will get it. He's not being negative but is basically comparing qualifications.

    Personally I think he would make a great manager. He's noticed things that could really be improved in the store and how it's run and could make a difference as manager. Of course, I could be a bit biased! LOL

    Anyhoo....good thoughts and vibes would be greatly appreciated. If he were to get this, he would not only be wonderful at it but it would take a lot of financial pressure off of us since I haven't found a job yet.
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    Good thoughts coming from PA, 'Stang

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    Keeping fingers crossed and sending good vibes- so many people are applying for jobs right now it's really tough. Give him kudos for trying, build him up, and remind him not to take it personal if he doesn't get it. Many people are applying for jobs they are over-qualified for just to get anything so employers can demand and pick whatever they want- it's tough but I wish him the best of luck!!
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    Sending postive thoughts, saying a prayer (never hurts to pray), and crossing body parts. Never mind I'm doing the same for this weeks exams........just doing two things at the same time. :D

    Tell husband that qualifications mean dittly if you don't have the brains and instinct to do the job well. :) He has just as much a shot as the other dude.
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    Sending lots of good vibes from one retail dog to another! Is the other viable candidate from outside the company? If so, husband may have a huge advantage in that he is already an established employee with the company.
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  7. gcvmom

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    I hope he gets the opportunity!
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    All body parts crossed and saying a prayer.
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    Doing the panther dance! (Not the potty case you were confused...)

    Hope he gets it! Then you can continue to set up your cat house...
  10. hearts and roses

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    Sending positive thoughts and tell him to do the same! Keep telling himself, 'I will get it' over and over. Fingers crossed! ...and you're allowed to be biased!
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    ((((((((good vibrations))))))))
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    (insert 4 dog paw icons here)


    U DA MAN!
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    crossing all body parts!
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    You guys are great! :rofl: I just showed this thread to husband and he walked away from the computer with a big smile on his face.

    TM....yes....all 3 candidates are from within. Technically husband said one is considered an independant contractor working for the company but he still works for them.

    Ktmom......Uhhhhh....NO! :slap:

    On principle, husband has more qualifications than the others. He's got the 4 year degree, he's got the management experience but he also knows the politics of the company and this is why he thinks the other person will get it. I will wait and see. A couple of weeks ago he was supposed to go to a district meeting in Indy with the current manager and a couple of other employees. They never made it down because of the weather and road conditions but husband later found out why his district manager wanted him there. He won some award for sales numbers and would have been called up on stage to receive it. The award was for the entire year last year and covered three states. So.....while husband is thinking politics, I'm thinking numbers. I think he'll get it.

    Thanks again ladies! The power of the board is superb!
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    Assuming the pretzel position...
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    Crossing fingers, toes, knees, arms and even braiding my hair so it's crossed too. Will wave chicken livers as soon as I get home, too (don't have any at work).

    And from what you've said? He'll get it. Tell him S-I-L Step said so.
  17. mstang67chic

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    Thanks again for all of the good wishes everyone. husband said he thought it went well although it was just the initial interview with the HR person. He figures there will be a total of 3 or 4 interviews before a decision is made so it could be awhile. I'll keep you posted.