husband finally went to psychiatrist

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by crazymama30, Nov 28, 2007.

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    psychiatrist thinks that husband is probably bipolar with adhd. No surprise here. He took husband's history, all his medical records, and his records from the psychologist he saw several years ago, and came up with this. It is tentative. He is going to eventually be on several medications, but will start with Depakote. I sure hope this helps, I have been waiting for years for him to mellow out. Sometimes between him and difficult child I feel like I need to be locked up!!

    I am just curious, for those of you who have disorders that are the same as difficult child (or that one parent of difficult child has disorder) is there any link in what medications work for the parent in comparison to difficult child? Depakote was one of the medications that made difficult child super aggressive, and I REALLY hope it does not do that to husband.
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    I just wish my difficult child could get on the right medications. Presently he is ini jail - I dont know what they are giving him there. He was taking Xanax and Tegretol. He likes Xanax a lot! It is not good for him.
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    My older daughter's psychiatrist thought family experience was a clue in choosing a medication. We started with Lexapro for her because I had done well on it. It worked really well for me. She didn't have any side effects on it but we had to keep increasing the dose so it was less effective for her.
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    I know husband did say that psychiatrist mentioned it (family experience) but husband does not have a clue about what worked/did not work for difficult child. For the first 6 months or so husband did not think difficult child needed medications. I was curious, and this group is always good about offering opinions.