husband Grandma in Hospice...

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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well they pulled her feeding tube... and had to move her to Hospice. I think everyone was ready for this except her Husband... He still believes somehow she is coming home... :crying:
    It is so sad, to listen to, My mother in law says he is just crying non-stop. He is going to stay at his house in Chesteron, IN near to a bunch of the rest of the family... but mother in law feels they are going to have to move him in with them soon. They will give him some time to digest all of this... his health is going also.
    They think she has 10 days or so. She will slowly starve... I can't imagine this with husband and I... It really makes you think.
    husband aunt is having a nervous breakdown... his Stepdad fell and cracked a rib, has a bronchial infection that won't go away for 2 months now and just found out he also has a Hiatel hernia, that they want to do surgery on...

    husband does not want to go back to Chicago!!!

    The decision has been made though about the funeral, they are having it in Alabama, where a bunch of her family is. So they do not want me and the girls to fly down. Just husband, maybe. Which is fine. We don't know any of them and thier is nowhere to stay...

    I just feel really bad for Papaw an mother in law...
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    This is such a sad thing to deal with. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
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    ((hugs)) totoro. We have been through this with my grandmother. She did not have a surviving spouse though. It was just gut wrentching though to see it and be in that moment. On one hand, you know they will not ultimately be suffering anymore but it is still hard to let them go through that process and to let them go for good.
    prayers and hugs to you and your family during this time.