husband is coming home!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by maxeygirls, Mar 18, 2010.

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    I've been pretty absent around here, both of my girls have bronchiolitis, I've got bronchitis and I'm doing my best to keep easy child out of the hospital. I got an email today with a timeframe for husband's return and it's just enough time to prepare difficult child.
    She's already been difficult about a dress. My little shop-a-holic who wants to buy anything with glitter, ruffles or lace absolutely refuses every dress I show her for husband's return because it's "not right." easy child and I already have ours and now we only have a short time for difficult child to pick one.
    I can't wait for my reinforcement to come home!:whiteflag:
  2. KTMom91

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    Yay! I'm happy for you!
  3. gcvmom

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    How exciting for your family!!! I hope the reunion is a happy one! How long is he home?
  4. GoingNorth

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    Just remember that it's going to take a while for husband to settle in and that he might be carrying some trauma from his deployment. He won't be able to walk in the door and pick up where he left off.

    Have a happy reunion but remember to give him the time he needs. Soldiers don't necessarily come back the same person they were when they left.
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    GoingNorth, I'm prior service myself so I understand deployments too well. However this deployment was good to us and husband has been in an office environment for all but a few weeks of the last year, and has been on webcam daily until last week. I don't expect everything to pick up where we left off but I do at least expect to have someone to help fold laundry and carry groceries!
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    WebCam?? Wow! I remember being grateful for the very rare MARS radio communication. I predate the internet and email and all of that. husband was a tanker and when he did deployments they were usually in a combat situation as either a warrior or a peacekeeper. He definitely needed a good bit of "let down" time when he returned home
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    We've had to purchase hundreds of internet cards to have web access but on large bases in the barracks you can use your own laptop with wireless, as well as at all the dining areas (starbucks, burger king, subway). It really is a different military these days. We were lucky, his job should have had him out with the rest of the boys but since easy child was born at just the right time, he went back over after his emergency leave and there was a stable position for him.
    The level of support for the soldiers has increased tenfold as well. Now they have briefings, training and classes about how to come home the right way. They start to adjust to normal life before they even head home. The boys will arrive home tired but with a full understanding to step back, observe and for a little while at least, follow orders from their wives. Due to difficult child, my husband knows this is a must but thanks to webcam he isn't a stranger. She's gone periods of time without him before, up to 6 months and the adjustment period has been very short. They really are so much alike that I end up feeling like an outsider.
    Yes husband and I have some issues to resolve, he's screwed up quite a bit over the last 14 months he's been gone but any marriage is going to struggle with so much time apart and ours was already fighting to survive. We'll make it, all four of us will.
    Like I said, we're lucky.
    And thank God there will finally be someone else around here to pet the four cats, take out the trash and change diapers!
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    Sounds like things have changed a lot since the Cold War days, Maxey! Best wishes for a successful reunion!