husband is getting an MRI tomorrow

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    A week or so ago, maybe more, he twisted his knee at work. As he works retail and stands all day, he didn't think it was a big deal. Since then though it's been swollen and painful the more he stands. He went to the doctor last week and was referred to an ortho. That appointment was this morning. Good news...he's off till Friday (Yay) which actually turns into off till next Tuesday as he took this weekend off. But....he has to get an MRI tomorrow to assess the damage. Both the doctor and the ortho think he tore some ligaments.

    Stupid question but I've never dealt with knee torn ligaments something that will probably require surgery?
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    I am not sure if he will need an operation or not. Depends on how bad I would think. Knee MRI isnt too bad. I managed that one ok and I am the biggest scaredy cat of MRI's on the face of this planet. Knee MRI is the only one I can do. Well I guess knee and ankle.

    If they want any other MRI's, they better make sure I am completely comatose. (Which is how they got the MRI's when I was in my coma!)

    I am sorry he has hurt his knee. Knee problems are bad. I feel for him. My knees are one of my biggest problems. I just went and got shots in them the other day.
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    Depending on how badly he damaged his knee, and exactly what ligaments are damaged, it could mean surgery. And then, depending on the surgery, he could have a nice, long recovery time, driving you crazy because the knee needs to be non-weight-bearing.
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    Ouch! I'm sorry he's in pain. I hope the damage isn't severe enough to require surgery. Let us know what you find out.
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    I am so sorry he is in pain. Knee injuries can take forever to heal. Jessie's knee is still not okay a year after her accident. But she does NOT always follow the doctor's orders so some of that is her fault.

    You will NEED to stock up on ace bandages. He also may need a knee brace. IT sound sas if this should be a workman's comp claim so they may cover the supplies if provided by a doctor or approved durable medical supply company.

    I recently stocked up big time on ace bandages. Not the name brand ones, but I bought 50 of the 3" wide ones.

    That is a link to the place I got mine from. I found them through a shopzilla search for elastic bandages. I got the regular ones (not the premium ones) and paid $26.95 for 50 of them. Since Jessie has both knee and ankle problems on both legs the quantity made sense to us. I can get the 2" ones (5 yards is the standard length so they are all that length) for 99 cents at a store here but even that got expensive. To get them at Walmart they are $4-$7 each.

    He will need support of some kind. You can also get the vet wrap that sticks only to itself and is supportive. I often use it to hold a bandage or lidocaine patch in place on one of us. Here it is $1.99 to $2.99 for a roll at the farm and home supply (Atwoods or tractor supply or the feed mill). They also sell it for humans but it is about $5 more here and does not come in all the "fun" colors my kids like. I caught them wrapping their legs in alternating black and orange vet wrap for the university homecoming last year, LOL!

    I hope he heals quickly and without complications. Be SURE that he gets some kind of pain medication because this is going to be a long painful process. If your insurance will pay for it with-o breaking the budget, have the doctor prescribe Lidoderm patches.

    Lidoderm is a patch with lidocaine in it. You can wear up to three patches at a time. You put them on for 12 hours and take them off for 12 hours. They don't always stick as well on a body part that moves but our physioal therapist and our ortho doctor and my rheumy all say it is okay to put an elastic bandage or vet wrap over it to keep them in place on a knee, elbow or other area. You can also cut them to fit. For kneed it you cut a small triangle out of the long sides they work much better and stay on longer.

    Jessie has me keep the cut out sections for when she gets a really painful zit. They are a big help for that also.

    The patches are EXPENSIVE. Retail price for $30 is over $200 last time I got them. This is at a small private pharmacy and NOT a big chain so they might be a little cheaper at a chain pharmacy.

    I hope I did not overwhelm you with info. But the bandages can get so expensive and many people/docs don't even think about the pain or the lidocaine patches and they are so helpful.

    I even gave my aunt some after she called ehr doctor. He had not even HEARD of them. She took the box I gave her and she gave 2 to her knee doctor (she has had 11 knee surgeries in 5 years). He tried them himself and now rx's them to every patient with insurance or who wants to pay the cost. So do all my docs now.

    Many hugs to both of you.
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    Yeah, if he would have actually TOLD them at work when it happened! Honestly though, he said when he did it he didn't think anything of it. He just got a little twinge like you do sometime and thought it was nothing.

    Thanks for all of the links. We'll see what the MRI says and go from there. He's actually not too bad when he's hurt. He's been trying to help me do stuff today and I keep telling him to sit down. Then he helps anyway and limps more.
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    I know knees----I've had three knee surgeries and Jana has had three also. Torn ligament depends on which one---I'm guessing ACL. If so, and it is a partial tear---rest can heal it. If it is a complete tear---and he is very active---surgery will be suggested. And ACL surgery is not for the faint of heart. Jana spent 4 days in the hospital---6 months in rehab---and still has trouble with pain and swelling 10 months later. A meniscus tear is not so bad.