husband is very sick

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, May 19, 2011.

  1. susiestar

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    We all got a bug last week. Very miserable, LOTS of coughing, fever, chills, etc.... thank you is mostly over it now, I am feeling fairly human, Jess is doing okay when she is awake, but husband is doing really bad.

    last night he coughed almost all night. Couldn't sleep. I don't EVER remember him missing things because he was sick more than 1-2 days with a very bad bug per year. Except when he had pneumonia. He had a steroid shot from his doctor on the 12th, and it seemed to help a lot. But after a couple of days of being sick he just got worse and worse instead of better.

    He FINALLY agreed to go to Urgent Care in the morning. We have a new place that isn't too far and takes the medical card that we have.

    Please send good thoughts and prayers our way. It is scary to see him so very sick. Thanks.
  2. Jena

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    hope he feels better, glad the restof you are over it. lysol away woman!! so you dont all get it again! i'm telling you give him apple cidar vinegar it truly works!

    ((hugs)) hope he gets better soon
  3. TerryJ2

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    Oh, I'm so sorry. Coughing all night is awful. Exhaustion on top of it all is bad. Best of luck to him in the a.m., and a quick turnaround!
  4. Mattsmom277

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    Sorry to hear this is hitting him so hard. Extra hard to see in a man who stays healthy most of the time. Hope he gets mending quickly. Being that sick is truly awful.
  5. tiredmommy

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    Fingers crossed and prayers being said that husband is on the mend quickly.
  6. pepperidge

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    sending good thoughts your way. It is scary.
  7. nvts

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    Prayers headed your way!
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Sending prayers and hugs.
  9. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Hugs and prayers going out, Susie. Hope your husband feels better soon.
  10. Hound dog

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    Prayers going up!

    We have a particularly nasty version that has been going on here since last fall. And when I say nasty, I'm not kidding. I was down with it for about 6-8wks. And every one I knew who caught it took weeks to even feel sort of human again.....and it was apt to progress into pneumonia if not watched closely.

    Glad he agreed to go to urgent care.

  11. Wiped Out

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    Prayers for quick healing! (((hugs)))
  12. AnnieO

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    Prayers, gentle hugs, and lots of beads rattling for him... And you guys, too. Let us know please!
  13. DDD

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    So sorry to read about husband. There does seem to be an extremely strong bug that is traveling the USA
    lately. I'm sure you guys have tried everything already but it did help us to forget the bed and prop up in a pillow cushioned chair with a foot stool. It didn't make sleep always come but the elevation of the body did limit the coughing fits. With warm liquids on the side table and Rubitussin AC nearby, we finally outlasted it. Sending gentle supportive hugs to you all. DDD
  14. susiestar

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    I went with husband to the doctor. There is a brand new urgent care place near thank you's school so we dropped him off and went there. The doctor was really good, in my humble opinion. He took a really LONG listen to husband's chest, esp during a coughing bout. Said that it sounded clear but very tight. Then he told us that if the muscles around the lungs are clamped down tight then the lungs cannot work properly and it is very easy to miss pneumonia that way. It makes sense now that I think about it, but I didn't know that.

    So he had husband do a breathing treatment there in the office and came back to listen again.

    husband SOUNDS clear, but may very well be on the edge of pneumonia or may have a very mild case that is just starting. So he gave husband a shot of steroids and prescriptions for antibiotics and prednisone. We got them filled and then came home to rest.

    Thanks for the good thoughts. I have him propped up to sleep for the next few days and if he is not MUCH better on Monday then we go back to the hospital. Or if he is still running a temperature over 100.

    I hate it when he gets sick with chest congestion. Ever since he had pneumonia in 2002 I get very very worried.
  15. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Hoping he's doing better soon!
  16. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear that the doctor is taking good care of him!
  17. ML

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    Know I'm late on this.. I hope by the time you read this husband is feeling tons better!
  18. ML

    ML Guest

    PS I may have missed this update so I apologize.. but how are *you* feeling?
  19. TerryJ2

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    Very good. I hope that the prednisone works well. Glad it was take care of early.