husband Needs To Get His Head Out Of His :censored2:!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Oct 23, 2012.

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    I just need to vent and I know that I can say this here. husband is seriously pissing me off! He has always been the same way about difficult child, so I really should not be surprised, but still, I am sick and tired of everything being heaped on my shoulders.

    I posted a few weeks ago that I met with the neuropsychologist that did easy child's academic testing and that he says the diagnosis is cognitive disorder not otherwise specified. I came home and explained to husband what that means. The only answer he gave me was "Okay." Last week I got the written report, which I have made copies of for everyone and their brother because I had alot of people who wanted to read it. I HANDED husband the report and told him to read it. He put it down. It's still sitting where he left it, unread. So has no clue what it says and what accomodations the neuropsychologist is recommeding, other than what I told him three weeks ago.

    We were finishing dinner tonight and I told him that easy child took a math test last week that he got a 67 on. When they send tests home for the parents to look at they all have to be returned to the school, and there is a sheet of paper that we have to sign showing that we saw the test. His teacher wrote on that paper, "He passed!!" Now, I'm happy that he passed, but I also think that we should be shooting for more than barely passing here because easy child CAN do better. We've seen it. husband agreed with me and asked if easy child starts taking state tests this year and I said yes, but that I really don't care about them. My focus is getting him to get a good grasp of what he has to learn on a day to day basis. husband says, "I know YOU don't care, but if he does bad on the state tests then I'm going to go up to that school and raise holy hell about it."

    So, the state tests aren't given until the spring and we don't get the results back until late summer. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I'm fighting with the school to get this kids accomodations because he has a diagnosis of a learning disability and husband can't be bothered to read the :censored2: report!

    I told him, as nicely as I could, that I could really use his help NOW rather than later. He got up and left the table.

    I guess that means I'm not getting any help, and I really just want to flippin' scream!
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    Well, I'm not good at making husband's listen or give more than one ****, but I'll scream with you!
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    If you find the magic formula that gets these husband's to listen, please let me know. :kickme:
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    Mine does - NOW - but it has been a LONG road getting there. And it wasn't ME that got him to listen... on the other hand, many others DO. Just depends I guess...
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    Can u hear me screaming with you? That is just so frustrating. Not meaning this disrespectfully, does he have a learning disorder.too?
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    Oh man, I thought I wrote this then realized it was Bunny. Lol. My husband is the same!! It's extremely frustrating! :/
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    Arrgh! Can I join your club? Sounds familiar.
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    I knew you ladies would understand!

    Does he have a learning disorder? Yes. I call is "Men's Work/Women's Work Syndrome". husband was raised in a very classic house. Mom was a home maker and stayed home with the kids. She did everything that had to do with the kids, from the dressing, to the feeding, to the homework, to the discipline. I remember when I was pregnant with difficult child my father in law bragging about how he had three kids and had never changed a diaper. Dad went out and worked, provided for the family, and did all of the outside chores that manly men do. When we started talking about having kids husband talked a great game about how he was going to be a different kind of father than his was. He was going to be involved and help me do everything that the kids need.

    I think that lasted a day. That's one of the big reasons there are 5 years between the two kids because it actually got to the point where I told him that I was not having any more kids because he was so useless with difficult child. He was better with easy child when he was a baby, but there are ALOT of things that are just left up to me because I'm the mom and, as you all know, that burden get pretty heavy at times when you have typical kids, let alone what it's like with kids with emotional and academic needs.

    Thank you. I just needed to get that out.