husband Says I am Nuts, I Say Otherwise

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jun 13, 2011.

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    I have been cutting up clean clothing that does not fit us. many items have been made into dishcloths and towels. THese are not just rags, the edges are all neatly hemmed. Partly because if they get washed the loose strings could end up tangling in the motor and we do nOT need that. I started because I did NOT want to spend money on dishcloths and towels esp as my family will NOT rinse them out and lay them flat to dry most of the time. I got tired of never being able to find a dishcloth or towel.

    I am also making gift bags for birthdays and holidays, and even a little case to keep those stick like packages of drink mix (like crystal light) in my purse, and for J to keep tampons in her purse with-o advertising what they are.

    I know in a prior post many of you commented about how you were over-run iwth rags from cut up clothing and were having to sneak them into the garbage because they "could be useful".

    Now we come to the part where husband thinks I am nuts. I do NOT want these clothes around. If the kids/husband can find them they will try to wear them. Period. Does not matter if they fit. Tossing away clean fabric seems a bit silly. Why bother to wash it if you are going to throw it away?

    I am also enough of a tighwad to admit that buying kleenex seems like a big waste to me. We spend all that money, chop all those trees down, bleach the paper out, to blow our noses or clean our glasses on. I am a realist and I know that not all material needs to be kept or re-used. I don't want to spend time hemming a gray shirt that once was white and that is worn out.

    So I have cut them into tissues. We will use them one time and toss them away. They would be thrown away anyway, and it doesn't really matter what shape or condition or color a tissue is as long as it is a reasonable size.

    I mostly cut them up when watching tv because I HATE to sit and watch tv with-o something to do. I figure this will give us another use out of the old shirts, get them used and then into the trash with-o them sitting around waiting to be used. The cotton will eventually break down in a landfill, and we won't have to spend good money on kleenex (I am NOT ever going to do this with bathroom tissue - even I am not that frugal. It would just mess up the septic tank anyway.).

    We won't wash these to re-use. We have way to many old tshirts for that! It would be an unwise use of water, in my opinion. It will also mean that husband and thank you don't use 2 or 3 tissues layered on top of each other when they blow - the cloth will stand up to the gale-force wind coming out of their nose!! so one square of old tshirt would replace 2 or 3 tissues.

    have I lost my mind?
  2. Jody

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    Yes, but I love your energy!!!!! I need some and if I had any extra, I'de clean my house. LOL.
  3. 1905

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    I don't think you're nuts at're not. You're very creative and frugal, good! Do you know how much money a little fabric pouch sells for? A lot! You can probably make some very cool pouches. Another idea is to bring the used clothing that's still in good shape to a consignment store, then you can get some money back. Also, a good couponer rarely buys tissues!
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    Gosh no, I think you are very creative and crafty. Also, saving your family a few bucks is great too !!!
  5. Jody

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    I hope you know I meant that in a fun way!!! Not at all meanly. I think we are all crazy after what we have lived thru. Maybe my sense of humor didn't come thru in my post, but I meant it to be funny not mean.
  6. keista

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    I think it's a brilliant idea.

    I wish I could do something like that, but unfortunately for me, if I save something, it almost NEVER gets used for the reason I saved it. Hard enough for me to get the "donate" and "trash" clothing out of the house without them kicking around for a month or two. HOWEVER if I find the gumption, I might try it with son's ruined shirts for next flu season. It is a brilliant idea.
  7. Star*

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    Well if the kook here can buy up all the Goodwill sweaters and make recycled dogbeds on Craigslist and SELL them by the sweaterload????? (and they are UGLY as homemade sin) I think you can blow your nose on any old rag you choose. Besides - if they weren't older like they are now? Kids blow their nose on the sleeves of their shirts I fail to see the BIG issue errrr Tissue.

    And as far as those pouches? Why not sell them on ETSY? I love quilted looking things - and I especially love quilted looking things with gigantic oversized off colored threading....and it's "IN" you don't have to be a quilter and YOU needlepoint so this would NOT be a stretch plus it would keep your hands busy. And I'll take MINE with a donkey on it. Thanks send the bill to the DA Ranch.

    I'vebeen using a mickey mouse bag to hide my stuff for years.........

    And DF? Cuts up rags, tshirts - and the like for cleaning cloths, blow rags - and whatever so no - not nuts - frugal - I have cut up Tshirts right now as filler around the AC window unit in the den until I can afford window seal which now is lookin like - never. So yeah - bravo recycler.
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    I took no offense from any of the comments. I was surprised by husband's attitude and thought it was hysterical. And my house is NOT clean, is so far from it that it drives me nuts. My body won't let me do a lot of cleaning things and my husband has never been willing to do any chore for more than thirty minutes. He drives me nuts. For too many years I did it all - worked, difficult child, homeschooled, most of the cooking, all the shopping and then about age thirty seven or eight my body just quit. I discovered that if I kept pushing it i was going to have no bones because they would just crumble. Not break, crumble. So we are working on that and I do not bend, stoop, or lift. Or vacuum. SO I have a LOT of time spent sitting on the internet or watching something. I just can't stand to sit and not do something and my hands don't like the really fine cross stitch that I like.

    I have been pondering etsy and ebay with these. It is one of the things I started thinking about. I am making some simple designs esp for the drink stick pouches after having had one come open in J's purse and create a mess. Plus she doesn't like if anyone can tell she has a tampon in her purse. Then I started thinking about all the schools that only allow clear purses and backpacks - many of the major high schools are like that, so many girls here get really embarrassed. I hadn't realized the contrasting color stitching is popular. I just like it because I can see where I have been, lol.

    Thanks for the ideas!
  9. HaoZi

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    I'm surprised you haven't just used them to make quilts or totebags.
  10. ML

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    I think you're great. Frugal, green, creative and smart.
  11. witzend

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    I always did cross stitch while I sat watching the tv when I couldn't sit still.
  12. Hound dog

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    I don't think it's nuts. I think it's smart. Old fashioned sort of smart.

    I'd look into the etsy thing or ebay. People would snatch those bags up for all sorts of uses, even one's you've never thought of.

    You should look up how to make rag rugs too. Those have become the rage again.......real ones, not knock offs so much.........although some people buy knockoffs not knowing what they're getting thinking it's the real deal. My Mom spent her childhood making such things as my grandma did it.........nothing was wasted, nothing. And when you live in a corrugated bunk house with cardboard for insulation and dirt for the floors.....rag rugs were invaluable. Mom promised to show me how to make them, they're supposed to be easy, but I haven't been able to keep her on a visit long enough to show me yet.

    Since you sew by hand anyway...........hand sewn quilts go for a LOT.

    You might be able to bring in enough extra cash to treat yourself to a maid once a month or something so you don't have to look at the house in such a state all the time.

    I crochet my dishcloths out of scrap yarn. Uses up the scraps and gives me dishcloths that are sturdy and work better than any store bought one.......and they last forever. Same for pot holders. Yarn is too expensive to just throw out the small amts often left after a project.

    I don't have the patience to cut up clothes for other uses. I probably should.......but ours we wear for decades. lol And some the girls wanted me to toss out, I put in one of the yard sales. They told me they'd never sell in a million years........went in the first hour. Sold like hotcakes. Cuz they were comfortable! lol They stood there with their mouths hanging open.
  13. tiredmommy

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    I use worn out & stained clothing for rags too. And Duckie is learning to sew so she'll "harvest" cloth from my stash to make little projects.
  14. susiestar

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    I don't know why, but making quilts just doesn't really grab my interest. Probably because so many people here make such a HUGe deal about it. I have seen the quilters here go nuts over being one thread off when they cut a square. Not 1 millimieter, on THREAD. Plus all the howdy do about how expensive they are and how valuable blah blah blah. I could maybe do quilted bags of some kind.

    I love those crocheted dishcloths. I have an aunt who does them when she getts cotton or wool thread. It takes her about three hours to make one. She and my mom are funny about knitting and crocheting. My mother knits well but not often. My aunt cannot get out of a paper bag with knitting needles. My aunt CAN crochet and is incredibly talented but she cannot knit. years ago she had to have her nose re-broken and set and all the cards said something about hoping she could get across her handicap and figure out how to let her bon es knit even if the rest of us coul.

    What did I get from them? I cannot knit, it makes no sense and leaves me confused and irritated. My father will not allow me to crochet. According to him I am not even allowed in the aishle where the crochet needles are. Talk about a worrywart!

    Just because I was using a small crochet hook to rip a seam and put the hook all the way through my hand.

    I am sure my pouches will become a handy thing for many. At least I hope so!
  15. Hound dog

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    Not sure I understand about the crochet hook thing.

    You're safe now days, you can buy plastic ones and the medal ones have blunted tips for the most part. lol I do have several antique ones that are awfully cool.

    I can knit only a very beginner level. I've done it on and off since easy child was a baby. But I can't get comfortable with it. And mother in law is no longer around for me to go to when I'm lost with it. Crochet I've done since preschool and I don't even think about it much. I just mostly do. Except for this last pattern that somehow half the sweater instructions didn't get put that was interesting, and frustrating. lol Hate it when they don't catch those.

    Sewing........ehh, not so good at. I break machines. mother in law's ancient model is so far the only one I've NOT broken. Although since the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) I'm literally scared to attempt to use it. (dunno why but I am) By hand.....I can do ok I suppose but I tend to knot up the thread which grates on my nerves. Guess I don't have the patience for it.

    Cross stitch made me cross eyed. I tried really hard at it. I made one project for mother in law for xmas. She swore it came out wonderfully. I wasn't so impressed. Which is why it was ONE project. lol

    I used to do beadwork. I was good at it, very. I loved it. But I don't think with my eyesight I could do it now. So that's out. Which is sort of sad as I'd been playing with an idea for years of "painting" with beads on canvas once my kids were grown. And now I can't see well enough to do it. ugh Oh well.

    When I was very very little I used to make crocheted lace with those teeny weeny crochet that was cool. Would LOVE to do that again.....but again with the eyesight. phht.
  16. HaoZi

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    HD, is this what you're looking for on braided rag rugs?

  17. AnnieO

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    Oh please.

    Honestly, Susie? My Dad carries a handkerchief. Still. After all these years. They get washed with the socks. This is how I learned to fold when I was about 3. Handkerchiefs, then pillow cases... Later, towels, then on to actual clothes...

    So handkerchiefs are COOL in my opinion.
  18. Star*

    Star* call 911

    The kind of quilted things I'm talking about are MIS MATCHED squares with GIGANTIC off colored HUGE X stitches - the one pillow I got has numerous miscellaneous non-square patches - they are all just crazy shapes, and they are sewn together I'm sure but on the top? They have GIGANTIC black embroidery thread X's. Everyone that see's that pillow case goes NUTS for it. The back is made from (ready for this) 1950's curtain material. It's just an odd throw pillow that is very odd, Americana - I guess looking, but so cool. I LOVE those braided rugs.....Haozi - that is dynomite!
  19. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I think its awesome
  20. Hound dog

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    I *think* those are the same braided rugs. Like I said, Mom has yet to get around to showing me how to do it.