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    I posted that husband got a job and he did. But, the background check was taking forever, and they had to wait on the background check before giving him a start date. Finally, the HR person went to the company that does the background checks. husband checked the box that said he was born in a T5 country. The HR person explained to husband that means terrorist level 5. husband hasn't ever left the USA much less been born in Iran. Anyway it flagged the homeland security and they got involved. Big mess that took a long time to fix. He does have a start date of Sep. 16th! Yea!!! He is so ready to get out of this house. Me and the kids are also ready for him to go back to work. Though he is doing much better being around kids all day than I thought he would've.
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    LOL Lia! OMG - husband is in the middle of a similar problem - his clearance expired and no one told him - he was working in an area that required it when it happened! So when they went to upgrade him, at first it looked as if he'd never had a clearance at all! So he should've started 3 weeks ago and we are still waiting. The company REALLY wants him, thank goodness. Till then... Sigh. And I am really hoping Belle and his ex partner don't mess him up and cost him this job.
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    I'm really relieved that was figured out and he has his start date. It could have been a nightmare for many months to come.
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    OMGosh! It's funny, but it's not. Gosh....glad they figured it out.
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    That is funny. What did he think the box meant when he checked it? Texas, Tennessee? LOL

    Annie, we worried that all of difficult child's antics could have messed up Jamie when he had to get his clearance. It didnt. He had a top secret security clearance because of what his job was and the fact he worked right outside Difficult Child. Also all the helicopters that carry the president and such fly out of the base he was on. We got to take a tour and saw the one that carried both Reagan and JFK!
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    I've learned not to ask what is going on in his mind when he does things. He gets defensive and I don't understand any better after he explains than before. There are sometimes the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Nt minds just don't mesh.

    Annie glad your husband has a job on the horizon