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    Thanks for the prayers, etc....

    He is doing better but not great. Refused the doctor today because he was feeling much better - did not realize that I almost called 911 to take him to the ER last night. Apologized for being an idiot - hadn't told me that in addition to working all day and singing at choir practice he then took thank you (also in the choir) to shop for something at the bookstore - something that would be cheaper at Walmart and was not needed until next week! So he walked all over the bookstore, realized he was feeling worse and worse and then got in the car and DROVE with MY CHILD in a really BAD STORM!!

    Needless to say he brushed off any idea that he shouldn't be driving when he cannot get his breath. He feels that is being a wimp. He is currently having a hard time sitting because the giant chewing on his *** that I gave him! thank you has been told that if dad is sick like that, or anyone else who is driving is sick like that, he is to refuse to get in the car and to call either me, husband if he isn't the one being an idiot, his grandparents or 911. I explained that it WOULD be an emergency worthy of 911 because the person driving would be a HUGE danger to themselves, anyone in the car with them and anyone else on the road.

    husband was FURIOUS that I told thank you this. Jess has already refused to get into the car with him. NOT because alcohol because he rarely drinks and never drives if he has. She refused because he was having allergy problems and was really dizzy even when sitting. But he thought he could drive with no problems. She told him she would call the sheriff if he drove. She can be stubborn on safety issues like her momma.

    Anyway, we are still arguing over whether he will go to work tomorrow. He says he has to have his timecard signed and has to go. but he can barely walk to the bathroom with-o wheezing and coughing. I double checked the papers from the clinic he went to and they did diagnosis this as pneumonia. I will probably either get his timecard faxed for signature or arrange to have it taken care of next week. The pay would be a week late, but I don't really care. I think they ought to find him the week's pay for going in to work and sharing the sickness with everyone - and I told him that.

    Thanks for the board juju, prayers etc.... Whatever this bug is it gets better then comes back to slam you HARD, sometimes harder than the last time. thank you is mostly over it, and Jess is getting there too. Me - well it takes my body longer. husband is so much sicker than we ever were, I don't think the rest of us even came close to pneumonia. So he won't be well as fast.

    I hope that none of you are fighting this. If you are, I pray you get well soon and are smart about taking care of yourself. And don't make your spouse chase you to take your medications.