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    I swear to you husband is driving me insane. This man has passive-aggressive down to an art form. He is lazy, grumpy, surly. He goes on and on about things he has no clue about like he's a wealth of information......when it's obvious he hasn't got a clue what he's talking about. He's a hyperchondriac......and I'm not even sure that applies as usually he's faking it. And he cares for no one except himself. Period.

    Bare with me, it's been a long couple of weeks around here. Having 2 difficult children to deal with......especially when one is sick and in pain and *ichy, and the other still has no clue about personal boundaries at bad enough. Then add in husband with his snide remarks, starting arguments, pouting, faking sick so he doesn't have to move..........ARGH!!!!

    January is never a good month around here. Never. Why? Because it is the beginning of a new work year which means husband has vacation and sick leave again. If I tally up how much husband has been to work in the month of Jan....I would say I'm pushing it at 10 days. Every time it has snowed, he's called off. Although he bought a 4 wheel drive gas gusler so he wouldn't miss work. He's take at least 4 days as sick days. (healthiest "sick" man I've ever seen) I nearly fell over when he took off for Nichole's surgery on monday. WTH?? Then lost it when he took off work on wednesday to give me a ride to school (I'm not kidding) because sister in law has yet to have time to fix my windshield wiper and it was supposed to snow. by the way we didn't have school today.

    Tonight easy child drops Darrin here. I tease her on the phone that I'm not going to get to see the baby born because my car isn't fixed. Teasing because I was going to ride with her mother in law. Next thing I know husband had already contacted work and called off for tomorrow!!! :mad: He tells me it's so he can take Darrin and I to the hospital. So then about an hour and a half later when it's time to head out....I'm busy trying to get Darrin ready. I wasn't in the room with him and Nichole. But evidently he'd started grouching about how he wasn't taking us anywhere he needed to go to bed. Poor Nichole had been listening to him all day and had had too much. She let him have it. She told him in no uncertain terms that he was going to get off his lazy arse and drive us to the hospital and act like he was enjoying himself. He'd done nothing all day but sit on his fanny and he had nothing to be tired about! (lol) She told me this as he was out warming up the car.

    Soooooooo. We get to the hospital. And Darrin kisses Mommy and has to go wait with Papa in the waiting room. (no choice, no one else there to watch him) When I go to get Darrin later to see the baby husband won't leave the waiting room. Since Darrin was with me I let it slide. But then I went back to husband. When I asked him why he didn't want to see the baby......he said why should he, it's just another grandkid. grrrrrr

    Something in my face must've told him he'd pushed too far and next thing I know he's following me back to the room and acting to easy child like he wants to be there......sort of.

    I wish I could blame his age (60) but I can't. It's been this way since we were first married. I was just too blind to see it. And it's only gotten mega worse with age.:mad: He acts like his 90, I swear. And yet I've met 90 yr olds who act younger than he does, including his mother.

    He may have AS, he may be depressed........I could care less. He is our teen difficult children in adult form. He does nothing to improve himself or the situation. He sees nothing wrong with his behavior. Pin him down on it and he'll say all the right things while never meaning a word of it. Heck, he can even product tears if he thinks it will work. If left to his own devises he'd eat and sleep all day. PERIOD. He has no friends. Never has. Wants no social life. Never has. And this includes family. And all this is only the tip of the iceburg.

    It doesn't hurt my feelings that husband does this stuff. It used to. But it hasn't for years. Unfortunately it does still tick me off when he acts like a total jerk. There will be a day in the not so distant future when husband will finally get his wish and be left completely alone. And it still won't be his fault. sigh Talk about someone who will never get it.:faint:

    Thanks for letting me vent. Now maybe I won't smother him in his sleep tonight.
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    Hugs Lisa. Your H sounds so much like my H right now. He hasn't worked much since just before Christmas and although he's been home all those days, he has yet to even make dinner. Nope, I come in at 5PM and the kitchen messy from his all day grazing and the stove is cold. Nothing prepped or planned. The house is a mess from the puppy wreaking havoc, pee in the corner, whatever. He's sitting idly in our room (with the freakin lights all on!) practicing his typing. Ugh. I just want to kick him till he bleeds.

    Anyway, don't want to steal your thread - just wanted to let you know...I feel your pain. Sorry he's being such a pita.
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    How frustrating! He is lucky to have you, Lisa. You are a patient woman, no wonder you're a warrior mom, you've had a lot of practice! Hugs, ML
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    Saw the subject line and have to chime in. Only a few words. I am so sorry. There should be an island we could send husbands too certain times a year. Then not send for them until we feel like it!
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    Yup. I understand. That is exactly why Useless Boy is my FORMER husband.
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    Hugs. Just keep your eye on that goal. There's a light at the end of that tunnel and it burns brighter and brighter every day.