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    Ok I went to wake up husband a while ago. He was thankful that I woke him because he was having a wierd dream he told me. I asked what it was about. Evidentally he had a human sized bag of potato chips that walked and talked that was his side kick and they chased down other bags of chips that were the bad guys. I was laughing so hard I snorted. Because first he described the walking talking bag of chips and then told me they were human sized.

    Course he said the other dream he remembered was that easy child broke both her arms and he had to take care of her because I was gone somewhere for a week. He wasn't sure how she did it but he made her go to school because he did know she was messing around to make it happen.

    I love the man but he has some way wierd dreams.

  2. susiestar

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    Well, it sounds like he is in the same "dream team" league as my husband.

    If you recall, my husband is the one who was playing World Cup soccer in a dream and kicked a bookshelf, breaking his toes!!

    HE also had a dream he was in some D&D type fantasy world and broke his ankle (in the dream). When he woke up his ankle was swollen up to twice its normal size and he was in a LOT of pain.

    It sure does make life interesting when you have a husband that dreams like this, doesn't it?
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    Oh my, I actually laughed out loud at this. I could just picture the human sized bag of chips, and then when you said they were after the bad guy chips it was too funny. LMAO
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    So are the good guys a different flavor from the bad guys? Maybe the good guys are baked and teh bad guys are fried? (I told Jess about this, and she got a MUCH NEEDED laugh. Thanks.)
  5. Star*

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    no dip????
  6. mrscatinthehat

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    I don't know about the different chips. I will have to ask him. I am curious now. It is a riot when he tells me some of his dreams. The only one I didn't like was the one that got me hit. He thought I was trying to kill his mom. That blew because I was fast asleep on that one. He had no idea he had hit me.

  7. mrscatinthehat

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    dang I didn't ask about the dip either. Hmmm

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    Beth, I can TOTALLY sympathize with being hit. I have had it happen quite a number of times. And once he rolled over on top of me, with his arms around me. He was dreaming we were being shot at. I had to limit his exposure to Law and Order after that, LOL!!