husband's lesson via school of hard knocks.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Shari

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    He's been doing "ok" around here. tv still consumes way too much of his time and he only "works" during commercials. He's done very little laundry, and since someone brings us dinner every night, he doesn't have to grocery shop or cook. my mom has done all the actual cleaning.

    wee needed pants washed and husband didn't do it for 3 days so wee was wearing dirty pants. i kept telling husband to wash his clothes.

    yesterday morning, i slept late (seems the only time i really get any sleep) and he took the kids to eat breakfast at our friends restaraunt.

    our friend sent him home cause she could smell wee. apparently he'd picked out a pair of pants he'd slept in (and he wets the bed) that had since dried. (they did not get to stay and eat, either)

    husband washed wee's clothes. being it was my friend that smelled him, i was as relieved as possible...thank goodness it wasn't everyone else...or god forbid a school day. but i think husband was adequately embarrassed.
  2. Mamaof5

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    Natural Consequences! Gotta love 'em!
  3. Jena

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    lol ok been there done that!!
  4. AnnieO

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    LOL... Embarrassment will do more than almost anything else for difficult children, child or adult... Usually...

    I'm glad, though - clean clothes are a must.
  5. DammitJanet

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    Why is it that some folks only learn this particular lesson from outsiders?