husband's.....WHAT are they thinking sometimes???

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    Because of husband's retail hours (just lovely this time of year) and medical issues going on with my mom, husband and I really haven't had much time lately to see each other, let alone sit down and have a conversation. Yesterday, I spent the day wrapping presents and got them all done but a couple of things he had ordered. One of the customers in the store he works at makes these jester hats. If the material exists for what you want (sports team, theme, etc.), she'll make it. So he ordered 3 hats in Indy Colts material. One for him, one for a friend of ours and one for difficult child. Two are the same and one is slightly different and I wasn't sure who he wanted to give the different one to so I waited to wrap them. So, he got home last night and after difficult child was in bed, I asked husband about the hats. He decided to give one to my dad instead of difficult child. His reasoning? difficult child never takes care of his stuff and it would be a waste of money because the hat would be either destroyed or simply disappear. Not a foriegn concept to me and I agree with the reasoning. My problem? husband is concerned about difficult child destroying a SEVEN DOLLAR HAT but what did he insist on getting difficult child for Christmas? A freaking Nintendo DS. (and two games) Huh??? :hammer: You don't want him ruining a $7 hat but we spent almost $200 for the game system and two games??? He's lost his flipping mind. :crazy2:
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    What the heck?????????
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    "WHAT are they thinking???"...

    I think the punctuation should be more like:

    "WHAT? Are they thinking??" :wink:
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    I guess the jester hats have some magical sentimental value already. The Nintendo is just another toy. Well, it's some sort of weird logic, isn't it?
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    Maybe he hopes the Nintendo DS will keep his hands off everything else? LOL

    If it makes you feel any better, those hand held games are awesome for keeping my kids quiet.



    Yes, I said....the "q" word :smile:

    You'll wanna get him LOTS of games :rofl:

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    :rofl: Definately have to agree with you there!

    And Janna, when difficult child opens it all up, I'll be sure to tell him that Auntie Janna is sending him a few more games! :devil: (Would you mind slipping a Spyro game in there for me? :bigsmile: )
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    Those DS toys are magic! difficult child has thrown everything he owns at least once during his many rages, with the single exception of the DS. It's the only thing he values enough not to break.
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    There must be something about the DS systems. My son somehow got the $$ to "buy" one, without permission. He then hid it and lied about it, so it was removed by my parents. He has to complete an English course to get it back -He is ACTUALLY doing the dang assignments!!!! Those things are magic!!

    Anyway, not sure what your husband was thinking. My husband didn't want to give ANYTHING to my son, until it came time to wrap gifts, then he went ahead and gave him the things Ihad.

    Men are strange.


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    I think husband meant not 'ruin' but appreciation of his things. My difficult child could ask for the jester hat and be thrilled to get it, but it would end up in the bottom of a pile of something somewhere. But, an electronic toy? No problem. She knows just where it is and how much battery power is left to use it!
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    Yeah, our daughter can't figure out an alarm clock, but a cell phone or iPod? Noooo problem!