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    So it has only taken me 3 or 4 years, but I have finally figured out the difference between ADHD activity and hypomanic activity. Right now difficult child is hypomanic, and husband is going thru medication changes. And thankfully I start therapy tommorrow.

    difficult child is just wow. He is on the computer for 10 min, then out playing bball for 10min, then in and out and in and out. Super irritable, not sleeping well, and now he is sleeping in his clothes. Ug. Ug. Ug. Ug. He is frantic in his quest to be busy. It is rather scary. Both he and husband are just off the wall irritable. I asked husband to not hang his heavy winter coat on the kitchen table chair and he nearly ripped my head off and wow. He had no idea how he reacted untill I pointed it out a few minutes later.

    And I work all night tommorrow night. Poor easy child. She will be home with them. I will tell her to lay low, I don't know what else to do. I have to work, no one else does.

    I did email psychiatrist and he suggested raising Lamictal and stimulant? I asked to do one thing at a time, how about Lamicta and then maybe raise stimulant? I will probably hear from him tommorrow sometime as it is nearly 10pm right now.

    How come as soon as I think I have a grip on me and all the work hour changes I have done, I finally feel like I am out of my funk, and now this??? Do I have "Beat me down." written on my forhead?
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    sorry things are in such an uproar. It is hard enough with a kid who is unstable, I can't even imagine adding in a husband who is also unstable.

    Is there anyone easy child can spend the night with tomorrow? A gma or aunt or uncle or friend? I know it is a school night, but maybe an exception could be made to give medications a day to work? Otherwise maybe promise her a reward (an outing with mom on the weekend, no guys allowed?) for laying low and not agitating needlessly? Clearly if she asks a reasonable question (like please sign this for school, or when are we having dinner or whatever) and one of the guys gets upset she can't help it, but she CAN refrain from being mean or asking things she knows will set off Dad or difficult child, Know what I mean??

    Other than that, maybe you should just enjoy the hours at work away from husband and difficult child? I know when I worked I REALLY enjoyed time away from Wiz, esp those years I was homeschooling him.
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    Things do sound rough at your house right now. I hope that easy child is able to lay low or as Susie suggested maybe spend the night somewhere. I do hope the psychiatrist lets you increase only one medication at a time. You are definitely due for some peace and quiet in your life-I hope it gets there soon. Gentle hugs.
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    I really do not know where to have her stay the night. Can't be with grandma, grandma takes care of great grandfather. Other grandparents don't believe in MI, so if I asked they would want to know why, and I have no reason to tell them and I don't like them and neither does easy child or difficult child. I think I will try the reward thing. OOH, better idea. They have youth group at church tonight. She can go straight there from school, then there is a friend who's mom usually takes her home. easy child would not be home till 8:30pm or 9pm. That would work. I will encourage her to go, and make sure I give her money to use for dinner.

    I should enjoy my time away, but between my several jobs and school, I really do miss my family, even if most of them are obnoxious and unstable. I worry too much. Part of the reason I need a therapist too. I have been feeling occasionally like I am on the edge.

    WO, psychiatrist will let me do one medication change at a time. If it came down to it, I won't do it anyother way. There is no way I am increasing the stimulant untill difficult child is more stable. I know that stims are not supposed to be good for kiddos with mood disorders, but when it comes to difficult child he needs them. He just cannot function in society without it. I have no problem saying no, and psychiatrist must agree a little bit with me as he has not pushed back and demanded I do something. I don't think he is the demanding type unless it is really called for.
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    Heard back from psychiatrist, we are going to increase Lamictal to 250mg, and he did not mention stimulant. I am going to wait before I bring that up. Hopefully the increase in Lamictal will help. difficult child saw therapist today, and she wants him to start Occupational Therapist (OT) as a way to learn some self calming stuff. difficult child goes to see our primary doctor next week, and I will ask her about it as they like for referrals to come from the primary care doctor. I am all for anything that might help, especially if it does not involve more medications.