I actually went to the MALL!!!!!!


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We live a long way from the mall, any mall. But since I had to go to town with husband so I could go get his car brakes fixed (he is just SOOOO much NOT a car guy! But he's cute :smile:) I went to the mall with Jessie after the car was done.

We had a really good time - she was a good sport. I got free samples from the Origins people - some promo where if you listen to them yammer about skin stuff they give you 5 samples, well I ended up with 12!! :grin:

Then, as Jess was polite through it all, I got us each a godiva chocolate covered strawberry - YUMMY!!

Then we walked, got part of her halloween costume (just leggings), and walked another lap. She had soccer yesterday and was sore but we both needed to walk some anyway.

It was just fun. And I got to touch base with a college friend too.

Just so much NOT the way I expected the day to go, after husband asked me last night if I could get his brakes fixed as a bigwig is coming into town on Fri and he has the "nice, clean car" for his group. And the car repair shop was not one I knew, but very nice and cheaper than if I had done it myself!!

So it was just fun.

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Sounds like a really nice day. I used to live at the mall. I now avoid it and if I absolutely, positively have to go it's during the week.


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I have been in the mall 4 times in the last year. So this was a big deal. Still spent less than $15 bucks. I am just too cheap. Rarely is there something I am willing to pay mall prices for.

But Godiva, well. It's GODIVA.

Jess and I had a good laugh at the little boy clothes in one of hte anchor stores. Little boy shirts for HOW MUCH??? He EATS them!! Literally!!

We usually hit a few thrift stores and maybe a bookstore when we are in town.


You've been to the mall more in the last year than I've been in the last 2 years! And it's only 15 minutes away!

$15 is really good. I don't have that much willpower. :smile:


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:bravo: Glad you got to enjoy your time at the mall! :bravo:

I am an addict. And I can not afford it. Yikes!
:smile: :nonono:


call 911........call 911
I bow......to your braveness. I have Mallophobia. And to get chocolate is tempting, but not enough to get me through the door.

Glad you had a good day.