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    Ok, so in the larger scheme of the board, this isn't so huge, but I just have to say....:irock:

    Since 6th grade (2 years ago), difficult child has been in a SpEd math class - same curriculum as general ed, just moves at a slower pace. According to her neuropsychologist exam that is *exactly* what she needs. She has trouble with complex - or multi-step - problems, but can get them if given enough time.

    When I talked to the SpEd (DEC at this school) teacher about this, she told me that they can't place her in the DEC class because her MFE scores don't warrant it. I didn't have the knowledge to argue that so I said ok and went about researching. In the meantime, the DEC Coordinator called and said let's make some accomodations for her in the Gen Ed class - which included exempting her from some assignments and only taking quizzes, not tests. Also, having the teacher work one on one via the interactive classroom with difficult child.

    Well, that went nowhere fast. It helped difficult child not at all. In the meantime, I emailed the DEC teacher about what the law states (thanks to some help on the SpEd board here) and they decided to do a re-evaluation. However, that is going to take 45 days and by then school would almost be over. Not really helpful. While this was going on, difficult child had an evaluation done by a tutoring company contracted by the SD showing the same thing as the neuropsychologist report - problems with multi-step problems.

    Anyway, long story short - this is the email I sent last night. It went to her Gen Ed math teacher, the DEC teacher and DEC Coordinator:


    K -

    difficult child worked with her tutor Monday night on Lesson 13. It took her an hour and a half to do the 5 practice problems and another half hour to take the quiz. As you know, the first 5 questions on the quiz are the practice problems. So, she only had to work 5 problems on the quiz. Her tutor will spend another 2 hours with her Thursday (as opposed to her normal 1 hour) and she thinks they can get through both Lessons 14 and 15. In addition, the tutor is going to come on Friday (an unscheduled day for her with us) to work with her on the additional lessons. I do not know yet what time she will be here. Hopefully, it will be earlier in the day so difficult child can get as much done by 5:00.

    S and H -

    I have to tell you, when R saw the work difficult child was doing, her comment was, "Wow. difficult child should not be in this class." She worked with difficult child last school year from April - July and started again this month. She has her bachelor's degree and is working on her masters, and ultimately her PhD. She is currently a principal at tutoring school, besides working as a tutor for XXXX. She is also in the process of registering as a substitute teacher for XXX schools. I believe she is also going to register (don't know the correct terminology) with YYY Schools.

    I agree with her wholeheartedly. I have provided evaluations (neuropsychologist evaluation and [tutor] evaluation) stating pretty much the same thing. Mrs. K has worked with her one on one and difficult child still needed prompting on every question on the quiz and test. Mrs. A worked with difficult child one on one on the same lesson that R worked with difficult child on on Monday - Lesson 13. Even after working with Mrs. A, difficult child still worked with R for an hour and a half on 5 practice problems.

    R made note cards for difficult child breaking down the steps to multi-step problems and went over them with difficult child. She made more notecards while here re: the work difficult child was doing. Whatever she is paid, it is not enough.

    With the information we have, I don't think we need to wait for a re-evaluation to move difficult child into a better-suited math class. In fact, IDEA 2004 allows for that. We can still move forward with the re-evaluation; however, an IEP allows for whatever appropriate educational program a child needs. Even though her IEP is based on Emotional Disturbance, it does not negate that. Further, Section 1414 of IDEA 2004 states that there does not have to be a discrepancy between intellectual ability and academic function. Therefore, whoever in the state DOE is saying that kids can only be placed in a SpEd class based solely on MFE scores is wrong. In addition, educational programs and/or placement cannot be based on a single evaluation.

    As difficult as it is for difficult child to do school work due to her severe anxiety, she wants to learn. If left in Gen Ed math, she will not be learning, in the true sense of the word. She has to have areas of success in order for her to gain ground emotionally. She already feels "stupid", as she puts it, because of her Executive Function Disorders that make every day tasks that you and I take for granted a huge challenge.

    I hope we can come to a decision quickly. I think it would be best to make this move as early as possible in this quarter.



    As of next Monday, difficult child will be placed in the DEC math class that I wanted - same curriculum as Gen Ed, just at a slower pace.

    Had to brag. :warrior:
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    Way to go!!

    Good for you for persevering!!

    You're doing an outstanding job!!!

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    Doing the happy dance here...you totally rock!
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    YES!!!! My son has similar struggles. Good for you!!! You DO ROCK WARRIOR MOM!!!! Compassion
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    Hey- Way To Go!!! You did great!! now I know who to ask for advice re. sd issues. LOL!!

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    WOW!!!! Very impressive research and email! - YOU DO ROCK! :student:
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    When you were typing up that email, were you sitting there smiling the whole time? I LOVE it! LOL! I can see the person's face reading that. And, guaranteed, they're thinking "darn it, she knows something" LMAO!

    Awesome. Good job!!
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    Yeah! I say with some sarcasm at the SD. Well it is about time they listen to the person um, who knows the kid? You think?
    Sometimes the education outweighs the financial issues that the School usually blames it on.
    Smile on Momma. Gotta feel good.
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    Heather, you wrote a darn good letter. YOu did great - and look at the result! That really vindicates your views, your persistence and yourefforts.

    You've been talking to them and getting nowhere. But you put it in writing so fluently, and you got great results. THis just shows how we really do need to follow through on verbal complaints with a well-worded letter, if we really want to see things happen.

    And the best bit? You have just showed Wynter how much you value her, how much she is worth fighting for, and you've also set her a positive example on HOW to fight for your kid.

    It's a win, over and over, on so many levels!

    Way To Go!

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    There is nothing that says that IEP provisions are limited to special education classrooms, either.
    a Special Education teacher can devise the format for learning apropriate for a student using the preparations and assignments in a regular classroom.
    The provision becomes the time and setting for the slower learning style.
    If the individule learner and not the federally billed Special Education service were the focus then Special Education teachers would work along side the regular ed teachers devising the adjusted IEP for each subject as needed.
    Schools are missing the baby while bailing out the bath water all over the country.
    It is incredible, really!
    That children do learn and will learn and that it is putting the steps at the learners ability to acquire and demonstrate the learning just may not fit in the work schedule for the mass education that is production oriented. If our education system was focused on the finished product ie a learner who knows how to learn as they are able and the content defined then the students will matriculate as they pass the point for the graduate level. some sooner, others later and all near on the same content.
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    Heard you roar all the way over here.

    Go you!
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    :bow:You do so rock!!:)
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Way To Go! We did the same thing for difficult child 1's science class this quarter. He went from a low D to an A+!
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    Actually, I was in a really bad mood last night over just about everything and this was the one thing I could actually, maybe do something about. I was done watching my daughter struggle and melt down over school work. And I was done playing along with their useless accommodations. And I was done talking about it.

    So there. :tongue:
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    You were done - and so you done it good!

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    Nice Letter, Heather! Way To Go!!!!
    It's got to yield results. Now.
    I agree, 45 days is to long. Bah, humbug.
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    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    can I hire you for future letter writing???;)

    Congrats on the new placement!
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    Woo Hoo!
    Sometimes we need anger as the fuel to get things done.

    Great letter, and great results.