I am already at odds with easy child's future teacher


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Yesterday we held easy child's transition IEP meeting before he attends high school next year. For those of you who don't know or remember, I work at the high school easy child will be attending. I know all of the teachers backwards and forwards. There is a Special Education teacher here that I have had problems with in the past. Well guess what? I found out yesterday that she will be my son's study skills teacher for the next 4 years!

I am not looking forward to it. First of all, last year she got upset at me and yelled at me for doing nothing wrong. There were a few students up in the office using their cell phones. I have student helpers, and these kids were NOT mine. They belonged to the counseling department. She got very upset that they were using their phones during class time (rightfully so) but then she started yelling at me in front of everyone saying I should have noticed and made them put their phones away. The kids in question were not even in MY office, so how was I supposed to even see them on their phones. I explained to her that these kids were not attendance helpers, and that seemed to make her even more mad.

I dropped it and moved on, but when I walked in to that room yesterday and saw her sitting there and introducing herself as my son's new teacher, I was not happy. This teacher is known for being rather loud mouthed and harsh with her kids. easy child is super shy and mellow. He gets anxiety being yelled at. I am not happy we will be stuck with her the next 4 years. Another thing that totally bothered me yesterday was the fact that she kept making fun of easy child's lack of social skills.

By making fun, I mean saying comments the entire meeting like, "Hello, don't you ever talk? You really shouldn't talk so much C. You gotta learn to be more quiet." Of course easy child, being the Aspie he is, did not answer her and kept his eyes on his feet the entire time. I don't think her comments to my son were at all appropriate. You could tell poor easy child was completely embarrassed by her comments regarding his shyness and lack of social skills. If this is how she is going to treat him in class next year, around his peers, none the less, you can bet this mama bear is going to make waves. Normally I am the shyest, most agreeable person you will ever meet. But if somebody messes with one of my kids, watch out! I hope the next four years of high school will go relatively smoothly and I won't be dealing with this teacher much.


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Who assigns students to kids? If it's not a good fit, that person needs to know NOW, and adjustments made. Your kid needs to start high school on the right foot. ESPECIALLY because he's an Aspie.


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Well, you don't have much of a choice if he needs her, assuming she does a good job.

Just be around a lot and keep an eye on her and don't let Mother in on this. The teachers need to see you as your own person who doesn't NEED a mother around and you need to learn (even if it takes therapy) to speak up when necessary...on your own. My son had study skills study hall and he really benefited from it. I didn't care for the teacher that much, but Sonic liked him. Maybe Easy Child will get on fine with him. Study skills teacher ended up really loving Sonic too. He just grinned all over when he spoke to me about him at our conference so I thought, "Whatever. Bad match for me. good match for them. That's all that matters."


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This reminds me of the many times I had teachers that should have not been teachers and some of them were just plain nuts. I started school at age three in a Catholic school. I begged my mother to go to school and after testing me they allowed me to attend kindergarten. Unfortunately I soon realized the school was all play and not much teaching. What they did teach I already knew anyway and I was tired of playing games. I was a very tiny kid but I walked eight city blocks alone to catch the bus to go to school. Today my mother would have been arrested for allowing me to walk alone but understand I wasn't your normal little boy.

The next Catholic school teacher was also a kindergarten teacher as the school wouldn't allow me into first grade because of my young age. It was a complete bust as well and I would purposely do things wrong as I was completely bored and fed up. We lived with my great grandmother and she had been a teacher and was a wonderful person. She was part of the reason for my being smart. We unfortunately moved to another town and away from my great grandmother and thus began my journey into hell. My mother put me into another Catholic school when I was four and I started first grade. I remember being so glad to finally get to first grade but that happiness soon turned into an absolute nightmare. My teacher was a sixty year old religious fanatic and was insane. She had the idea in her head that a child that didn't go to church and Sunday school on Sunday must be beaten on Monday to drive out the devil. My father worked third shift and was working the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. I had no way to get to church so every Monday I was beaten numerous times. My parents didn't believe my stories and did nothing.

Two others in my class were in the same predicament and we would spend our time on the playground planning on how to either kill the insane teacher or run away. We began by skipping school every Monday. Sometimes it was just me as they chickened out. When I told the teacher I couldn't see the writing on the blackboard she moved me to the back of the class.

We moved again to another town and my mother talked the public school into letting me into second grade at age five. The teacher was a complete and utter idiot and now I was fed up dealing with school altogether. To complicate things there were children two years older in my class that were bullies. The idiot teacher just stood by and watched these bullies beat the hell out of me as she thought this was the way boys played. I basically zoned out and skipped school many times so I could have a day at least once in awhile without insanity. I was chased by an old man that offered me candy one time which was probably a child molester. I learned to stay away from people and mad dogs. My world from age four consisted of surviving in a world full of crazy people and nobody helped me. To complain only got me into more trouble so I quit telling anybody.

I'm telling you this story to make you realize that your child may be in the same predicament as I was as a child. Don't assume that this idiot teacher won't harm your child. I would take him out of that school now as I believe from your description of this teacher that she gets a high from ridiculing people and putting them down. I have found people from all walks of life to be crazy or mean. Don't think for one minute that everyone is sane and that your child will be safe with them. Do your own evaluation of people like teachers. Would you continue seeing a doctor if you thought he was insane or may be harmful to your health? I know that you working for the school complicates things but from what you have already written your decision should be easy. Now just do it.