I Am Back!


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I am finally back! I was offline for just over 2 weeks!! it was AWFUL!!

We moved and are now in the unpacking phase. I truly loathed the other apartment and this one is so nice! While we are not the most tidy, we are not filthy people. We battled bugs every single day in the old place. Any place there was a hole or gap in the walls, bugs just poured in. The guy in the unit behind ours had to have the dishwasher replaced and said that it was like hot and cold running bugs where the plumbing lines went into the walls. The manager would fine you for being 'dirty' if you asked for the pest control people, mostly because she was stealing the $ set aside for that by corporate. She tried to get every apartment to pay some kind of fee or fine every month - I wish I was joking. husband paid for a while, but then I read the lease and what she wanted extra $ from us for was specifically covered in the lease as something that mgmt would pay, so I put a stop to that by calling corporate. After a big mess, she just left us alone. But I am calling corporate next month to tell them many of her nasty games. I just wanted to be out of there first so she didn't send her sons around to threaten us.

So that is what has been going on here. I hope you are all doing well, and I will try to be around more.


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Good grief, I would have called corporate way before. SHE is responsible for keeping things sprayed.

So glad that you like/love your new place. You deserve something good, clean and happy. :)


Roll With It
Thanks! it has been a bit chaotic here lately.

I haven't contacted corporate yet because I am waiting for the final paperwork. I made a big stink shortly after we moved in and went to corp because she got really ugly with us. They made nice to calm me down but ignored her. She tried very hard to retaliate but had four units around ours angry too and we dropped off her radar-esp after her son (an 'employee' of the complex) assaulted my neighbor and the cops arrested her for hiding him in various units for a week. I intend to go to the head of the corp she works for and explain all of the horrible thing that we endured.