I am beyond irritated and into the cant stand myself stage.

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    I dont know what has come over me. I am spiraling downward. Maybe its to be expected right now. Dont know but I am becoming a bit alarmed. Thankfully I had an appointment with my psychiatrist on Wednesday. I told him I was concerned that the loss of seroquel had left me a bit "off" especially with all the changes and issues that had come up recently in my life but that I was very reluctant to consider another AP because of the weight/cholesterol issues. He agreed with me that I was right to be concerned but that there were two I could consider and one in the pipeline. We decided to try Saphris I think its called. Its supposed to be used twice a day but we are going to go once a day at night for me to start. Best part is it is disolvable in the mouth so it doesnt go through the liver. Hopefully that helps me out.

    I am just so cranky! I found out today that my county schools didnt build in any inclement weather days into the school year so the kids have to go to school for the next two Saturdays. How friggen unreal is that? Really! Can you imagine? No built in days! Whose bright idea was this? Oh but teacher work days are still there and cannot be touched for love nor money! And I was aghast that they are making them go to school this Saturday but yet they are off this Monday. How idiotic is that? Can we say stupid?

    What really makes me mad is that Keyana is supposed to have make up dance classes on the two Saturdays that she now has to go to school on. WTH? I have paid for those classes! I couldnt give a rat's behind about the stupid school.

    I am so beyond livid. I say it again...only here would some idiot NOT build in bad weather days. I live in a stupid state. STUPID!

    If I still had a child in the school I would be at the school admin building with a loaded weapon. Obviously SOMETHING isnt working...lol.
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    I am sorry you are feeling so frazzled, but at least you can recognize it and you know that help is coming in terms of medications. Do whatever calms you and try to avoid triggers.

    When I was a kid OK did not put bad weather days in until the year we had almost 10 days out for problems. Not snow - ice and mud. Lots of our kids were rural and lived on unpaved roads and there was NO way that they could get to school on the muddy days. Then we had flooding.

    Our days are always added at the end. We actually often get extra days off at the end of the year because we don't use all the built in days.

    Teacher work days are a contract issue. They are set in stone with the contracts the teachers sign and often the schools pay large sums of money to pay for seminars and lectures on those days to provide continuing ed credits that are mandatory for teachers. These cause HUGE flaps with the unions if they are even thought of being changed, so the school has very few options there. They probably do not want to keep the building open for another week or so at the end of the year so they are adding makeup days on Saturdays. Parents should be given a LOT more notice though. parents here would MUTINY and there would be almost no attendance esp because our bus drivers are not contracted for weekends.

    I am willing to bet the dance classes will be changed because Keyana won't be the only child in the class that has to attend school on those Saturdays. If not can you pull her out early for an 'appointment'? Or would that set a bad precedent and/or cause a problem with the school?

    I hope you feel more yourself soon!
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    Hi Janet,

    Like Susie, when I was in school all our extra days were built into the end of the school year.

    Do you remember the sniper a number of years ago that traveled between here and Difficult Child? Some of our area schools were closed when the sniper made his way here. Additionally, we had an unusual hurricane that made it inland and closed schools, due mostly to major power outages. The city school system send out letters telling everyone of the "Saturday School" decision to make up the lost time. So many parents complained that the system did an about face and extended the school day by 30 minutes for like 2 months. It worked out much better. I would imagine that Keyana is not the only child in the district who has activities on the weekend or whose parents already had plans (especially given the long weekend). I would bet they will be lessening their "excused absence" pouchy.

    Janet, as for you, remember this is the time of the year that is the most difficult for many folks. The let down of the holidays, the darker or dreary days, more time inside.......but, just like the guarantee of spring, you will come out of this. Keep those thoughts positive like you always do!

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    The SD where I grew up didn't have any built in, either. In all my years there only once did we have a weather related cancellation, and that was because Hurricane Kate knocked the power out for 3-10 days (depending on what area of town you lived in). We had to make them up at the end of the year. Maybe you could write complaints not just to the school district, but also to the paper and the governor. May not change a thing, but be a good way to vent.
    How long have you been off the seroquel?
  5. DaisyFace

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    I hear ya on the schools thing...

    Our school district threw parents a curve by changing their mind throughout the storm. While all the other schools had contacted the news outlets and were broadcasting their closures all Sunday afternoon - ours didn't think to "officially" close until Sunday at 11 pm. With buses arriving to pick up kids at 5:45 am - who in the heck is up at 11 to see the official close? To make it worse - the school must not have notified all the news outlets because Monday morning - some tv stations were still showing ours as "Open as usual".

    Monday afternoon - all the schools began posting their closures for Tuesday. Our school? Waited to the last minute - again.

    Tuesday afternoon - all the schools began posting their closures and delays for Wednesday. Ours? Originally posted that all students were to arrive at the regular time. Several hours later - the school district changed their mind and changed the start to a two-hour delay.

    And even though the school has a published schedule of make-up days for cancellations which is printed on their website and all the school calendars...they decided not to follow the published schedule. So instead of using MLK day as a make-up (as scheduled and advertised all over the school calendar) school will be closed for MLK day and will be made up in March instead.

    You're not the only one who'd like to punch somebody over snow days!
  6. AnnieO

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    When I was in high school, we had 8 scheduled "calamity" days. We never got out early, and never used them all.

    Sometime in the last 20 years, it was changed to 5.

    Last year, our venerated (HAHAHAHAHA) governor dropped that to 3, and next year it's supposed to be 1.

    Our district is at its limit now... Any more, the kids make them up at the end of the year.

    Our new governor wants to change it back to 5 - but it won't happen this year!

    ...Hello??? We live in OHIO... It snows.

    As for Saturdays? My kids wouldn't get up. Not a chance. I hope your district is super liberal on absences for this, 'cause I just canNOT see sending Keyana.
  7. Lothlorien

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    Call the dance school. I'm sure that they will work with you.

    I agree, Saturday school is sure inconsiderate of the schools, especially on such short notice. They could have planned this better.
  8. DammitJanet

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    I think what really got my dander up was how short notice this is. I mean, its the same week they got the snow days! How on earth did they manage to plan it so fast when this place cant plan anything fast. I mean that. It takes months to have anything go through county commissioners or such. Also, the person who told me this is a person in my "group" who is supposedly a Special Education teacher but if she is, she is the lamest sped teacher on the planet. I have said things to her before about what group does she teach as a sped teacher...ya know...daughter, ED, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Aspergers, etc. She hasnt a clue what I was talking about. She just goes...oh Im with Exceptional Children which is what they call Special Education here. No, I go...do you teach the developmentally delayed, learning disabled, behaviorally and emotionally handicapped, autism spectrum, aspergers? What do you teach?

    What is austism spectrum, what is aspergers? What do you mean by BEH? HUH? How can you work in sped and not know what those things are?

    I saw her working on a hearing paper one day and I asked her...oh are you working on a manifestation hearing paper? She hadnt a clue what I was talking about! So I casually asked her if she was an aide in the class or an actual teacher. No, she is a teacher! God help us all. I still dont know what group she works with because she doesnt know.

    Of course, this woman doesnt know what is wrong with her either. She doesnt like the term "mental illness", she prefers, well, Im not sure. She interrupts constantly whenever I actually use a term like bipolar, delusions or delusional, psychosis, psychotic, or any other psychiatric word because she simply cant seem to grasp anything. She actually acted like I was the fruitcake because I said that the guy who did the AZ shootings was psychotic and/or delusional because when you read his rambling postings and journals his thoughts just jump out at you that way. She just couldnt seem to grasp how one could get that.

    She is weird. She rubs me the wrong way. She also just jumped down my throat last night and told me I was completely wrong to even consider wanting anything of my Dads. She said I shouldnt want to help my step-mom go through my Dads stuff and even if some of the stuff in his house was mine from my childhood, that it is all hers now and I cant have it back. I was getting more and more angry the more she said to me. I dont understand why I shouldnt want to have my things from when I was 10 but this woman was acting like I was so in the wrong. I have to admit I stormed out of there saying some very not nice things about teachers. Oh and we dont have a union down here. So I told her where teachers could stuff it. Sorry to teachers here. You werent there and it wasnt directed to you.

    As you can tell, Im still angry. Also, my birthday is Monday and this will be the first event without a card from my Dad. This is the first...first. Its hitting me hard and I dont have a therapist. Mine is gone and I sort of feel mad at her too. I am actually quitting this group because hardly anyone shows up anymore except me, this woman who irritates me and one other girl...and my old therapist. I just cant see putting myself into that environment where I get irritated and it makes me miss my therapist even more.
  9. barneysmom

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    You've had a lot going on -- lots and lots and lots.

    Sounds like that person in your group isn't a trustworthy person for you. She's crossing boundaries telling you what to do about your dad's stuff. Find the right person to talk to if you can.

    Call Keyana in sick on the Saturdays. I'm pretty sure that's what I would do (although I think I am clueless sometimes and can't believe the stuff that comes out of my mouth).

    I've heard of Saphris -- we are seeing more of it at the psychiatric hospital where I work.
    Some of the docs at the psychiatric hospital are giving Metformin along with the AP's if the AP's are causing weight gain. I have no idea about the safety or the efficacy of this -- just something I keep in the back of my mind if gfg17 starts to gain weight on Clozaril, but haven't researched it yet.

    Take good care, be vigilant with yourself now.

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  10. nvts

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    What would get my goat is that I'd send the kids and then they'd sit there and watch movies, play quietly or read silently because there would be only 3 other kids in each class. It's ridiculous!
  11. Hound dog

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    Good thing my kids are all out of school. Because they would NOT be attending saturday school. Period. Would. Not. Happen. I can still get very difficult child if necessary.

    When they were in school and received a saturday detention, they also did not serve it. School either scheduled it for during the week before or after school or dropped it. I did not back down. Monday through friday they have rights to my kids. Weekends? Nope.

    I bet if enough parents had a major stink, they'd change it to the end of the school year.

    When I was a kid we had like at least 7 days for snow. We never got let out early unless it was nearly blizzard conditions. We rarely missed a day of school.......certainly didn't miss for a mere 3-4 inches on the ground.

    Of course that was in the days most kids could still manage to walk to school and home again without the world ending.........even if that walk was 2 miles one way.
  12. DammitJanet

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    I just found out that they had 2 hour delays here up till today! I mean really...there is hardly any snow on the ground in most places! It is 41 outside right now and it is 5pm. Sure if you look inside densely wooded areas you can find patches of snow but come on folks...a 2 hour delay today? That is pushing it. I understood it Wednesday. Heck, I understood school being closed Wednesday because there places probably that werent completely cleared but by yesterday...it was fine here. I was all over the place even going into a really remote part of the county to go to my Dr. Even my long dirt driveway is clear!

    I am completely shocked that they actually can hold 4 year olds to the attendance policy...lol. Gimme a break.
  13. timer lady

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    Janet, honey, you need to take some deep breaths. Please. You can't change the weather or it's consequences. Pour yourself a cuppa tea & meditate or journal.

    You're in an area of the country that doesn't generally get snow (nor snow days); they do not have the equipment to clear the roads. Your SD is being cautious ~ the bus drivers are likely cautious as well. They are transporting one of your most important people ~ Keyena.

    Take the down time while waiting for the bus & use it for you. A long bath, a glass of wine, whatever helps you self calm. I know this is a hard time with the loss of your dad. Grief can be so hard on a body. Take care of you.
  14. DammitJanet

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    I realize that. I think I am really more amazed that they didnt build in the inclement weather days because of our chances for hurricanes. Plus the fact that normally they close the schools if someone in TN even says it is snowing there. God only knows what happens if a kid brings in a snow globe! Sends them all into a panic.

    I have literally seen them call off schools because "we think it might snow according to weather reports". Not a two hour delay. Call it off entirely. Oh and we got no snow. Not even rain.

    I know they used to have the built in days. I think they have just gotten lazy. We havent been hit by a hurricane in the last decade.
  15. HaoZi

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    Uh-oh, sounds like you're overdue for a doozy of a 'cane, then.
    Kiddo's SD tends to cancel a lot, and in this case I've been told it's due to the fact that a lot of the kids live way out in the country and it's not just unsafe for the buses (since those roads are the last to be plowed) but dangerous for the high schoolers that drive, that some have wrecked and even died trying to get to school and the SD was sued in several cases for not canceling.

    Hound Dog, was that uphill both ways as my Dad always claimed?
  16. KTMom91

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    Isn't she still in pre-school? How can they have a mandatory number of days to attend? Just call her in sick...no biggie. As long as the day is scheduled, the district can count it, whether a lot of kids show up or not.

    Our district used to have several "fog days" built into the calendar, but now that it's grown so much, we don't even get the two-hour delays anymore. The part of town where my mom lives regularly gets the "pea soup," where you're lucky to see the nose of your car, but it's all or nothing when it comes to a foggy day schedule.
  17. TerryJ2

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    Many hugs. I'm glad you're on top of the anger/irritability issues and talking to a doctor about scrips. Haven't heard of the one you mentioned so I can't help there.

    God only knows what happens if a kid brings in a snow globe! Sends them all into a panic.

    Sheesh, you always make me laugh! I tell people that in VA, people see snow and act like it's nuclear fallout. ;)

    When we were kids, the schools built in days at the end of the yr. so we'd just have a few more days that ran into June. Most schools build them into teachers' workdays or govn't holidays, or shorten holidays. There are so many ways to do it.
    So sorry they chose Saturdays for Keyana!
  18. DammitJanet

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    I do think this all just hit me and bothered me more because of the timing. I mean, really, honestly, she isnt even my kid ya know? I would have probably been just as upset even if we hadnt had the dance classes scheduled. I did talk to the dance teacher and she didnt cancel the one today because she found out so last minute and she doesnt know how many of the kids are actually in public pre-k. Guess she will see today. She is going to decide what to do about next weeks class. Maybe move it to the afternoon or something. She did tell me not to worry, she will give Keyana make up days anyway, even if they are one on one. We have to get these kids ready for the recital in June...lol.

    I know my going off is more about my being upset than anything else. The only people who are oblivious to my mental health are the people living with me. Duh! They are so thick sometimes. Tony had to work today too because he missed Monday and Tuesday. By last night I was practically a quivering mess. I quietly asked him if he really really had to work or if he could please ask someone else to just take them in because I was sick. He said no...he had to go. I just turned and went into my room, shut the door, and fell apart. He thought I was mad because as he put it..."he had to go make a living." Uhhhh...no. Im on the bed, crying my eyes out...and he seemingly cant figure out that I am having a moment. Oh..and it never even occurred to him why. I am trying to hiccup it out to him that I am extremely fragile right now, that I have way too many losses and Im upset because its my Birthday and my Daddy isnt sending me my card and I cant talk to anyone because I lost my therapist. He goes...well you have me. Well....no I dont. !!!!! You are going to work! He simply doesnt understand and cant understand exactly how I feel because he doesnt have my problems. He makes friends. He has friends and he doesnt have to pay someone to listen to him. I think in a small way he was almost jealous of my relationship with my therapist.

    Ugh....I will make it through this. Somehow.
  19. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Would I be out of line to hope the kids are playing stupid and actually planned a surprise for your birthday?
    I do hope you manage to have a decent birthday no matter what. :bdayparty: