I am cursed today!

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  1. DammitJanet

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    I got Billy to clean out my car so we could go make the attempt to get him his Drivers License. As most of you know this is a humongous step. Giant. So we leave at about noon.

    We get down there and it is packed to the gills and he gets in line. Our DMV is this little old building with no waiting area and curt, snappy employee's who think they are just too good to interact with the public. There is no place for anyone to sit and no public restroom. If you are waiting for someone inside, you just might as well wait in your car in the hot sun or freezing cold. There is no room in the building.

    So Billy gets in there around 12:20 or so. At first I started standing outside under a tree. I stay there until maybe 12:40 when I just cant stand anymore so I go sit in my car and turn the AC on. I sit until 1:30 when I go in to see where he is. He is just getting to the front of the line to take his written test! OMG! Ok...I go back to my car. I sit there another 15 minutes and out he comes. Oh good I think...

    Oh no! The driving examiner comes out to my car, examines my registration, then points to my inspection sticker and announces "your inspection is expired!"

    HUH? I look and said "How can that be? I had it inspected last July? Shouldnt I be good until this JULY?"

    Well we all stood and stared at my sticker because it did, in fact, say JUNE! How this happened no one knows because I bought the car in July, got my tags in August as a NEW car. It was inspected when I bought it. It should always be inspected in July but this stupid inspection place I used last year hoovered up and only did my inspection for 11 months. I never realized it.

    So...Billy couldnt do the driving portion of his test until I got my inspection done. So we raced over to a place to do the inspection. Ok...I found a place that wasnt busy. But when we got there, I couldnt find my registration! All I could find my LAST years registration even though I had just had my registration out to show this driving lady...or so I thought.

    Evidently I have been showing everyone my 2008 registration and NO ONE has noticed it ever. My 2009 registration was tucked neatly and untouched in an envelope in the little black zippered notebook that comes with new cars!

    You cannot imagine how many times I have gone on to a certain military base that prides themselves on security...lol. They have never noticed that I was handing them an out of date registration.

    Anyway...we went back to DMV but they were so crowded we would have never got in before they stopped giving the test so we will go back and try in the morning.

  2. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Thats what I LOVE about our military base CLOTHESPIN CROSSING GUARDS......

    You can have an expired registration on the Mother of a Marine's vehicle....

    But.....be the bookkeeper of a large construction company and have a boss that is late for a MANDATORY meeting for plans, and have a sticker that expires SOMETIME ---THAT MONTH ---not that it's ALREADY expired - but WILL expire and ALL Of a sudden it's KATY BAR THE DOOR - we need to shut this truck down and strip it to the frame and make the girl in the office jump, jump, jump through hoops to get downtown to the tax assessors office to pay the tax that isn't yet due, and then you have to fill out paper work, and walk up hill in the rain, in flip flops that break, and you're soaked and your boss is angry and of course it's YOUR fault, and you get in side and the line is 100 miles long, and everyone has a cold, and you wait and then they go to lunch and everyone is angry, and you wait, and your boss calls you on your stupit trac phone and you're paying by the minute and he will NOT reimburse you and then you finally get waited on and the check amt isn't right and he isn't there to initial it so you go outside and hope God will not strike you dead for lying and change the amt and scribble something that looks like his initials in anyway because he's being held on base by military MP's and he keeps calling then you run to the OTHER side of town with a broken flip flop - hating life and run into the DMV and they make you wait in line again - and you do then you get the dang thing - and rush back to the office and fax this stuff to the base - and FINALLY they let your boss go........and you rush out to Ft. Jackson and dry off his plate enough to put the fixxing sticker on it - and he is late to the meeting but by GOLLY his truck is LEGAL enough to go through the gate to turn around and go off base.

    Yeah - I know EXACTLY what you mean Janet.......EXACTLY....

    And no - they would NOT let him go until the truck was LEGAL......but then again........it WAS. :faint:

    So......you're up for another game of ARE WE LEGAL BILLY tomorrow huh?

    WEAR COMFY SHOES, TAKE PLENTY OF WATER....and a good book!
  3. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    We better be legal tomorrow because come August...the tags are due...lmao.
  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    lmao Janet

    Sorry. Ours is the same way. In fact ours is smaller because it doesn't offer the driving portion of the test......you have to drive to another county for that. And it's DMV is as big as a large closet too.

    When I went to renew my plates and driver's license........I discovered my registration was missing. The only thing we could find in the car was an old registration to mother in law.........only mother in law never owned this car......it was to the geo that got totalled before I bought this one. Fortunately at least our DMV ladies are extremely nice and for a small fee I could get a copy no sweat.

    Now that would've been interesting if I'd been pulled over.

    Fingers crossed, prayers said, throwing out good juju and vibes that Billy can be a legal driver tomorrow.......and that since everyone and their uncle was there today, no one will be tomorrow. :D

  5. donna723

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    I sympathize. It used to be like that here too. They had drivers license examiners come to our little county court house two mornings a month to give tests. They showed up late, went to lunch for an hour and a half, then they left early. I don't know what gets into some of those examiners. A few were nice but some of them were just downright hateful. There was one, a tiny foul-tempered little woman who had the well earned nickname of the "Storm Trooper". I felt so sorry for some of the teenagers going in to get their license for the first time. Of course, they were nervous anyway and she had a few of them literally in tears while they were still waiting in line, before they even got as far as taking the test!

    They don't do that anymore. Now we have to go 60 miles to one of the bigger drivers license offices ... and nobody minds at all.
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  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Why.... Uh, Star? That story sounds very familiar to a certain POST OFFICE experience I recently heard about!

    Tell me, is it just you? Or something in the water in that part of the country? :rofl:
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    (slaps head) NOW they tell us to BOIL the water! ;)

    Had I gone to Argentina it would ALL be okay - I'd come back to my job - my vehicle would run smoothly - my kid would have a license - and everyone would FORGIVE ME....RIGHT Janet?

    GOOD LUCK TOMORROW BILLY - KNOCK EM - noooo no no......BREAK A...no no no.......DO WELL! yeah - DO well ! ;)
  8. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Wow - What a day for you and Billy! Sounds like you are armed and ready for the next battle tomorrow. I hope Billy is as prepared as your vehicle is.

    Go Billy - I would suggest arriving atleast 2 - 3 hours before the place opens so you can be first in line!
  9. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Will they let you make an appointment, Janet? That's the only way they'll get my happy self in the door of the DMV here.
  10. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Appointments? LOL...omg...no...they dont make appointments. I dont think they would know how. That would tax their little brains.
  11. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I thought I was the only one to go through that at the license place! After the tag agencies in OH I actually have panic attacks when I think about going there. The tag agents here in OK are the absolute nicest people in the WORLD. Just SO SWEET. So I am starting to get past the panic attack stage.

    In OH one tag agency only had 2 people at the desk, no matter what.. They had a looooong L-shaped counter, with the 2 people sitting at teh end. They could seat 4 more people on the long side, but they didn't. No place to sit for a long time, they finally got some kiddy chairs at the dollar store for kids, but that was AFTER husband put Jessie (then about 18 mos of mountain goat with a totally adorable smile, long blond hair and NO SHYNESS) up on top of the counter away from the 2 people. He stayed next to her as she walked, and hopped, and skipped, and did a headstand on that counter. They tried so HARD to let husband hear how unhappy they were with what he was letting her do, but they didn't speak to him directly and the other convicts, wait, that was clients, thought it was cute and funny.

    When they told him she couldn't walk up there she got down and crawled, sticking her freshly filled diaper up in the air directly aimed at this lady! Poor lady got a snootful of dirty diaper smell - which made the other people-in-waiting laugh their socks off!

    They got husband done in a HURRY, had him go NEXT with-o waiting any longer at all, just to get that stinky diaper out of the place.

    Soooo Next time take a kid who can look cute while misbehaving and you too can get to the front of the line.