I am going back to school

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Nov 17, 2009.

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    So, I am officially registered at a local community college for two classes, beginning in January as I will still be working full time. One class is on line, the other on campus two nights a week. I'm going into human services, and later will major in geriatric social work. I'm so excited!

    My boss (brother in law) told me that my position has reached its peak along with my salary. We're a small international company, but because we're such a small staff, there really isn't much room for growth unless I change my position completely, something he doesn't want me to do and the company doesn't need. So, I mentioned going back to school and the company will pay for it. I only have to get a few more credits at the community college and then I can transfer to the state college for my bachelors. Almost all of my prior college credits transferred!!

    The geriatric twist is new for me. I never thought I'd enjoy working with old folks, but the past couple of years' experiences with my mom have shown me differently. I am interested and I think I'd be good at it. I had thought I'd do adolescence at one point, but now I wouldn't dream of it! Ugh, eiyeee!!! From what I understand, the population will primarily continue to be baby boomers, such as myself (I was on the tail end born in '62, my oldest sister born in '46), which means that they are all reaching retirement and older age...good for this profession. The not so great part is the precarious state of our country's health care system. So many programs are being cut. I spoke with someone the other day who works for the PA Dept of Aging and she said that more and more nursing home facilities are letting those in the social work and rec areas go or cutting way back on hours due to limited state and federal funding.

    The timing is actually good for me since my girls are mostly grown (hey, at 22 and 20....) so I can begin focusing more on what I'd enjoy rather than just paying the bills, Know what I mean?? So, wish me luck! I will be a student come the new year!
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    CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!!!!!!!! Applause for you! What a amazing decision. it's time for you now. Find your joy and make your future what will fulfill you. I'm excited for you. You're going to do GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wow, that's GREAT!!!

    If you get cases where the people are not in pain and are lucid, you can have a blast. Lots of interesting life stories, a slower, calmer pace than most of us are used to with-teens.

    Way To Go!
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    Jo this is fantastic news. I'm really proud of you and excited to hear about your decision. This is the perfect time to go back. I know you can do this.
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    Good for you. What a fun challenge.
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    Good for you Jo!!! :D
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    Congratulations! Sending you a cyber backpack.
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    Congratulations! What a great decision you have made!

    Know that it will be tough at times, but WELL worth it!
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    Jo, that's great!
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    That is inspiring. I'm glad you get to focus on you a bit.
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    Just saw this...congratulations....a great idea!!!!