I am going out of my mind!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by maniacmansion, Nov 14, 2007.

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    Tonight my difficult child has turned into a cfg(curse from god). He's being hateful, mean & purposefully dumb. He's not allowed to sleep. He's having a sleep deprived EEG done. I know that staying up all night is not a problem for him because he does it every Friday & Saturday night. But of course that's when I would rather he be in bed. He keeps telling me I'm stupid, that he doesn't know what get up means. Then he tried to claim he didn't even know we had a bathroom so how was he supposed to know we had a shower. He was punching things & trying to break up the furniture. Now I'm yelling at him to wake him up(if I go near him he tries to hit me) & making him answer a question every 3-5 minutes. He hates me & I'm the meanest mom ever & he wants to go to children's services to get adopted. Don't worry I didn't tell him that no-one would want him. I thought it, but I didn't say it. I've been up since 6:40 0n Tuesday morning, it's now 3:15 on Wednesday morning. We are leaving for the hospital at 10:00. The exit on the interstate is closed so we have to go the back way through the country. He claims he's going to kill me so that he can go to sleep. At this point I'm ready to say okay & let him. Now every time I wake him up he's growling at me & bearing his teeth like a dog, then he screams---he says that if he has to be up so do his little sisters & brother. Well now he's started the bawling that I hate him & never let him do anything. He has tears & all. He is very good at making himself cry. People that don't know him always fall for, sometimes people who do know him will fall for it. The other day at Walmart he started it in the checkout line because he wanted a candy bar & I wouldn't buy one. The lady in front of us bought one & tried to give it to him. I said no. I then had to go up to her outside & give it back because she had snuck it to him behind my back. If he hadn't pulled it out of his pocket & said "see how stupid that dumb b**ch was?" I'd have never known. I wasn't amused. Anyway-- done venting for now, wish me luck.
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    I feel for you. Does he have to stay up all night? When my easy child/difficult child did a sleep deprived EEG, they let her sleep for 4 - 6 hours. I can only imagine if we had to keep her up all night. Her anxiety would have been extreme and she would have been acting like your difficult child, too.

    Good luck today.
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    How come YOU'RE having to do this 'keep him awake' stuff? Don't you have sleep disorders clinics to do this? They would have him wired up to monitors, videos etc and have all this on tape, PLUS have staff to do what you're doing, instead of you ending up sleep-deprived as well.

    Not fair on you. Not at all.

    And as for the lady in Walmart - if that's her way of handling that situation, her kids must have turned out to be real charmers, I don't think. Undermining another parent? Rewarding bad behaviour? WITH CANDY?

    I presume you were polite to her. Many would not have been.

    Oh heck, I'd have been polite too, I guess, but I'd be dining out on that story for years to come.

    Hang in there. Keep telling yourself, a lot of this is the sleep deprivation talking. Take notes so you can embarrass him at his 21st party, or on his wedding day during the speeches... use that thought to hold on and keep going when it gets really tough. You can legitimately get your revenge, when he's old enough to know better.

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    he was allowed 2 hours of sleep & had to be up by 2:00am. He calmed down around 4:15 & I got him to take a shower. Right now he keeps trying to fall asleep, but is being calm when I wake him up. As for the wal-mart lady I was polite, but I was extra polite & sweet about it. I kinda went overboard with how polite I was, but it was that or throw a fit.
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    Very long night for you.

    As for the lady at walmart - I wouldn't have been polite at all. But then I'm not very nice. :devil:
  6. LittleDudesMom

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    Morning Manic,

    Glad to hear he's not in the raging mode now. I'm sending you positive thoughts that the remaining four hours goes by quickly and wihtout indident!

  7. Wiped Out

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    Oh my-what a long night-I'm sorry-I too hope the next few hours pass quickly. And shame on that lady at Walmart!
  8. Big Bad Kitty

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    I...much like my friend Heather...would not have been so nice to Miss-I-can-sneak-your-kid-a-candy-bar at the Wal Mart.

    And I would have made sure I let her know that my kid thought she was dumb too.

    I am so sorry for your long night. Check out some of the other posts on this forum, I think there is a heated discussion over exactly who is the meanest mom.
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    We survived!!!!!!!!!!! He did not fight with the docs or nurses, he let them do what they had to without even yelling. He didn't even say anything rude about or to the kids there. It's a children's hospital, a lot of the kids there have physical problems that are very noticable. Last time I litterally held my hand over his mouth every time we were in the hall because he was so rude & loud about it. This time not even a peep. His grandmother is taking him to get a game for his gameboy as a reward for being so good at the hospital.(she can afford to, I can't) I'm so relieved it's over, we're home & he's taking a nap.
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    IF I had it to do all over again -

    I don't care what age over 10 he would be -

    Had my son raised a hand to me or anyone else in the family knowing what I know now? I would have called the police.

    My son did it only one time after age 15 and I called the cops.

    He shot an arrow at me when he was 10 - he broke things in the house, punched and kicked holes in the wall, broke mirrors, windows, beds, furniture - and I sat crying instead of NIPPING IT IN THE BUD.

    Threatening to call the cops is an exercise in futility. Telling your son at a calm time "IF you (fill in your own blanks) I WILL call the police. If you hit me I will have you taken to the ER by ambulance as a danger to yourself /others. It took ONE call after he raised his hand to me at 15 for him to figure out that old softee mom had gone serious and the cop was very adamant about the seriousness of it all.

    For breaking things - we told him we'd call, and we did. They came out, and did not take him but told him if they had to come again Dude and the Cop were going to have a come to Jesus meeting about destruction of property and he could end up going to jail. I told the officer at that time we WOULD press charges, the cop agreed to talk to Dude and a plan was born. THAT WAS his get out of jail free card. So the next time = it would be juvenille jail. Dude from then on took his aggression out on a tree or the ground with a golf club.

    I wish I had been the serious, no bs mom sooner.