I am going to kill her

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by crazymama30, Oct 16, 2008.

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    We have a strange living situation. My family moved in with my mom to save money. My grandfather got ill(he lives next door) so then my mom moved in with him, and my family and I stayed in my mom's home. We are trying to sell our old house. Then my sister (who is a difficult child, and is driving me nuts) decided she was going to move into mom's old room, and mom ok'd it.

    I am going to kill her. I pay the gas and electric bill and buy all the groceries. Mom pays the rest of the bills, I am still paying for my old house. My sister has not paid a thing. She has been here since September. She brought some food when she moved in, but not much. She sits around all day, eating and watching TV. She argues with difficult child, and when I asked her to stop she said she likes to explain things. IT IS NOT ABOUT HER!!!! I really do not care what she LIKES to do. She does need help, I do believe that she does have some sort of mental health issue, but does not have insurance and does not qualify to be seen through our County mental health, she checked. Today she is grumpy and snapping at everyone, anyone breathes wrong and she gets all huffy. At this point I am ready to live in a homeless shelter, or pull the trailer to the woods.

    I wish we could move back into our own house, but I can't afford it. It is just not possible.


    Ok, I have not had a cigarette for a long time, but I really want one now.​
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    OMG I feel for you. Is it too chilly to take the kids to the park for a few hours, or for you to go on a nice long nature walk?

    Sending chocolate. And a good violent video game. (substitute the villian in the game for sis)

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    Can you have your mom talk to her about pulling her own weight? I am sorry she is driving you nuts. Be sure to take some time to pamper yourself this weekend.


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    I went and bought one little cigar thing, vented to my mom, and my sister left and is staying the night with her boyfriend. Yay.

    I am much better. I do need to talk to her about pitching in, but I need to do that when I am calm. I was NOT calm tonight.
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    You're right about being calm when you address the issue.

    I wish your mom were more forthcoming. Sounds like she's quite passive. I've got my fingers crossed. It's not an easy situation.