I am grandma once again


As of May.6/07 I have another grandson. :bravo:
My daughter finally had her baby and he is a healthy little boy he weighed 8lbs 9ozs.She did a great job giving birth she was in labour maybe 10 hours at the most.I am not one for hospitals,needles and all that jazz so I didnt know how well I would be in the delivery room.I knew my daughter really wanted me there so I tried my best and I managed to stay in the room with her up until the baby was actually comming. :thumb:
I am very proud of her for doing such a great job and I know shes proud of me for staying with her as long as I could.
As for my other grandson we are still working on having him come to stay with us we are finally done our appts with CAS so we will know soon wether he will be able to come live with us or not.Im keeping my fingers crossed and keeping good thoughts and prayers that all will work out to bring our sweet grandson home.
Cassie :angel:


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Cassie, congratulations!!!!! What fun the grandchildren can be! I have four; 11, 8, 3, 1. Our daughter is an awesome mother and I'm so very proud of her. My daugher's children are the best and you'll see quickly how your own children seem to grow up! Enjoy those babies!!