I am learning a little Hindi :O)

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This site will teach Hindi phrases like "Good Morning" (suprabhaat) and "You're very kind!" (Aap bahut dayaloo hain!).

I have begun FB correspondence with someone from India.

Isn't that an amazing thing.


I would think this could happen for many languages and cultures throughout the world.

I am excited. She seemed surprised and pleased that I would learn Hindi phrases.

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It is pretty awesome. The person I am FB with posts the most incredible things. Just a little different than the way we think. I am not even sure she is a woman ~ her avatar changes, but she does not post a picture of herself. She is very polite. Her English is very good, but not perfect. Perhaps, she is doing the same thing with me. She was very pleased when I learned to say "Good Morning" in Hindi. I told her about the site I had found.

She still liked it that I was trying.




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My experience overall has been that people are thrilled that you've made the effort to learn even a few words of their native language. They also love practicing your language and are eager to try it out.

Even France, which has a bad reputation, is cool with non-French speakers trying to learn (once you get out of Paris, anyway).

When I flew home from Germany for the last time, my seatmate on the plane was from Estonia and had taken English in high school. She spoke a little German as well, which was a good thing as I don't speak any Baltic languages.

The flight turned into a 10 hour English lesson in which we spoke in a polyglot of English, German, and hand signals.

We really had a good time and it took my mind off of how blasted uncomfortable I was crammed into a tiny coach seat on an older jet.

I speak and read smatterings of several European languages. I read a little French, but there are a couple of sounds in French that I just cannot figure out how to make, and I was very self-conscious in France.

Germany was easy. I spoke Yiddish which is related, and I started off with two phrases: "Was ist das auf Deutsch?" and "Wie viel kostet es?" Those were enough to start to learn names of things and to ask for prices when I went shopping.

I had no choice. husband and I were stationed in a smaller town and while he got 30 days leave when I arrived, immediately after that he deployed for 6 months. I was darned if I was going to restrict my shopping to the small base commissary and PX, and besides, there was all this neat history to explore.


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Hindi phrases like "Good Morning" (suprabhaat) and "You're very kind!" (Aap bahut dayaloo hain!).

My favourite word is 'Shakti' meaning the cosmic energy that surrounds us all.

Shakti is also the Hindu divine goddess, the female force who restores balance.
(quite fitting for this site :) )