I am losing my sanity!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Dara, Mar 11, 2008.

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    This is just crazy! The violent rages, things flying through the room, Sammy hitting and kicking me. I cant take much more of this. We went to husband's Multiple Sclerosis specialist yesterday and they are pretty sure it is MS but they are doing a couple of other tests to rule anything else out. Today husband is going for a spinal tap. While we were in the appointment yesterday, Sammy's neurologist called and wants to see Sammy immediatly to discuss the results of the 23 hour EEG and discuss treatment options. Obviously, he saw seizure activity or he would wait for our may appointment. I have a permanent migraine and neck pain from all of this. I am very interested to hear Sammy's results and see where we go from here. In the meantime, I have lost my mind. i dont know which end is up anymore. I have an appointment for me to speak to a therapist who deals with pain management as well but it isnt until April 2nd. Sammy's therapist gave us the worst advice ever on how to deal with this situation. he told us not to aknowledge anything being wrong but by not doing that, we are ignoring Sammy's fears. He has every right to be scared it is normal.... We will ask the neurologist tomorrow.
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    Dara, deep breaths. You have a ton on your plate right now.

    I'm glad the neurologist is seeing you tomorrow. This may be part of the answer you've been looking for. Some kids with seizure activity act aggressively and violently. Prepare yourself for the fact that the neuro may want to start Sammy on medications (anticonvulsants). No parent wants her child on medications, but they can make a tremendous difference in day-to-day functioning.

    I hope your husband is able to get some answers and a treatment plan soon. It's scary not knowing what's going on.

    In terms of Sammy, you might have to seek out a play therapist who can work on Sammy's fears with him. In the meantime -- I know this is hard -- try not to let Sammy see how stressed you are. He will pick up on what you're feeling.

    Hang in there. We're here for you.
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    I found your sanity. I put it in a heart shaped box for safe keeping. Actually it's an old Whitman Sampler box that used to be full of chocolates and now has your sanity in it.

    So when you are ready to have your sane-ness back - it will smell like chocolate and be shaped like a heart. It's the best I could do - it was either that or an Eggo frozen waffle box - and well - I thought the heart was a prettier choice (warmer too)

    Whenever you're ready to be sane again lemme know - I'll cyber ship this box to you.

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    I cannot imagine. I am so sorry.

    However, if there is a silver lining - it is that maybe Sammy's neuro has some answers? If it is seizures that explains SO much, right? If you can get him on a medication that stops the seizures, than maybe the violence will de-escalate.

    And maybe your husband does not have MS, right? Hang onto these little things. And I would suggest sitting on your warrior mom horn to get your appts for you moved up into a more managable time frame.

    Hang on, hang on - take each minute as it comes - this will get better.
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    They are pretty sure it is MS. In fact that is what they are putting on the diagnosis. husband has the symptoms and MRI showings of it. They just want to be absolutely sure. I am not upset about Sammy. I am just so exhausted from husband and all of his stuff that this is a really bad week to get those results in! I refuse to get my hopes up in this solving any of Sammy's problems. I am just hoping to be pleasantly surprised!
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    Dara~ have you considered medications to help you or Sammy through any of this???
    It could ease some of the stress...
    Just a thought.
    I know it doesn't sound like fun, but it really could help. Nothing forever just to get you through.
    Do you have anyone to give you a break... Or can you and husband get a break? Just for an evening to go and talk about everything? Just to breathe...
    I know how hard that is sometimes.
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    totoro, We are going to the neurologist tomorrow to get his 23 hour EEG results which I am guessing have seizure activity reported since he was talking about treatment options. We will definitely talk about all of this with him to see what he says. I think honestly, I am so overwhelmed with all of this. There is so much info to learn! I am going to bed I think!
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    Here is the update: Sammy has been diagnosed with sub-clinical seizures. They are located in the frontal lobe of his brain whcih affects his behavior and ability to learn. He is going on depakote which I took as a child and hopefully this will help him. The dr said that the seizures last about 3-5 seconds and he has hundreds a day... It is a little bit of a relief to have an answer and a way to help. THat is all I have for now..
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    I'm glad to hear that you have one more piece of the puzzle.
  10. Star*

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    (hands Dara the heart shaped box with her sanity in tact)

    I am so glad you got some answers. My hugs to you and Sammy - hand shake to your husband.

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    Dara-I'm so glad you recieved some answers today from the neurologist. This definately explains some of the behaviors and concerns you have been experiencing. I really hope the medications helps. !!! Big sigh of relief !! Sending hugs !!