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    to have a boss that backs me up. Things this week in the babysitting class were radically different. I can't begin to tell you how different. First and foremost there is a school staff member in there now. Made a world of difference.

    I am not exactly sure what my boss said to these folks but she came with me to start the class and both people that run the program apoligzed up one side and down the other. I was taken aback by the seeming sincerity of it.

    I also talked to my boss and asked if it would be ok to add some incentives (bribes) to get them to cooperate. Like the dvd idea. She said that we actually have money for doing that in our youth program and that I could let them know they could have a party before winter break and a "surprise" if they go through the whole class properly and pass.

    You should have seen the looks of glee.

    I also was amazed at how excited they were by hand outs. We did some scenarios and stuff. Then they realized the papers were theirs they looked at me and several of them asked at different times "do we get to keep this?" When I said yes you would have thought they were getting presents of some sort.

    I might actually survive teaching middle schoolers now that things are under some semblance of order. They had good thoughts. They participated. It was as if it was a whole different group of kids. Ahhhh.

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    Amazing what you can do with the right supports and tools in place! :D
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    I know. Tommorow when I talk to my boss I will be beaming. And thanking her whole heartedly.

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    Like I said, I had this 70 year old professor in college that cussed like a sailor. She was all of about 4' 9". She said, "Don't believe any of that bullcrap that you shouldn't bribe a kid. If you want to survive as a teacher, do it." She was a doll. Probably the best thing I ever learned.

    You will find that you need to do it less and less. That is a good thing as they will look forward to it not every day, but when it does happen it has a big impact.

    Glad things are looking up.