I am MAD!!!

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    Can you hear me screaming??????

    UGH. Ok, so D (difficult child 2) was discharged from the hospital last night ONLY because the school district assured the doctor's that the so-called "Autism Specialist" and the Easy Child Coordinator from the county would be at the school ready to welcome him back and assist the teacher with yet another transition. Oh yeah, you know what's coming.....We get to school this morning.....(crickets chirping)....yep, NOBODY! The teacher was thrilled to see D and I ask her, "where's the people from the county"....she rolls her eyes (in disqust at them) and informs me that the AU specialist emailed her and told her she'd get there sometime this afternoon if at all and that the Easy Child coordinator was not coming until tomorrow! OMG! I am ****** of course and so is the teacher....she says they had this day planned for over a week!

    Now, D seems happy to be there, so I don't make a scene or anything, the poor teacher is doing her absolute best, but she is not an AU specialist and needs some support in getting things right for him. I come home and call the Easy Child lady, no answer, I'm giving her until 12:00 and then I'm calling the DPI. I've had enough. I have to go back to the school at 1:00 to give D medications and if nobody is there, may I just say, the doo-doo is going to hit the fan!!


    The thing is, I know myself and I am angry yet very calm right now, which is not good news for them. I'm likely to chew them a new "you know what" when I do get them on the phone. These county people think we parents are too scared to take action, that we're too busy crying and stressing to notice them not doing their jobs.....they couldn't be more wrong. I'm thinking a call to the news stations is in order, newspapers, mayor, state representative, senators, you name it! I am SICK, SICK, SICK of our kids being treated like they don't matter.
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    Call them! It may get a new set of eyes on your county and schools protocols! Heck, if you call them, let me know and I'll show up too so we can both tear everyone that needs it a new one! Sending you many, BIG hugs! Keep that chin up, and I'll keep mine up!
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    I think calling your state rep and the news is a FABULOUS and WONDERFUL idea!!!!

    Go for it!!!!!!

    I hate the way kids are treated too.


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    I've written our Governor, State senators, Legislatures so much that I don't even get form letters anymore.

    I have not called the news yet - But I have had luck with the Governor's office. Start there at a state level.

    Sorry you are going through this -
    And Also - keep a spiral note book of times, dates, phone numbers and write down each and every event like this, who WAS there - who wasnt' there the actions they took and start a paper trail - you will be AMAZED in years to come how valuable this book(s) will be.

    I actually was able to resolve and get a new placement for my son recently because I had copied our PHONE NOTES and sent them to the caseworker -
    I speak, write, time, date, conversation - and then repeat it TO the person I'm talking to while telling them I am writing this down so there is NO missunderstanding - do they know that I am writing this down? Yes - okay and then repeat the start time of the call, end time and that I told them i was writing it down - .

    Apparently I have a good law suite against the state regarding the last group home and what services we were told Dude would get, and did not. The boss got on the phone with me when we got Dude out of there and said some things (I wrote down) and then at a later meeting I gave him the notes from that call where he was NOW backpeddling about what he said. I told him - either you said this and agreed to it when I told you I am writing this down - OR you didn't say it then and are lying now. He never said another word except - What I meant to say was.....and DF looked at him and said "If you meant to say you sent Dude to a hell hole you would have said it, What you said on this date was YOU were FULLY AWARE of the services and had visited the home, and have inspectors there all the time "eyes on" making us believe you had done your job and inspected the home, gotten references and made monthly visits."

    -They tried to tell us they had no idea, had never used these people before . In my written notes I had put "had several clients at this residence in the past-fantastic services, on site counseling, on site independent living skills, etc".......My son didn't even have food or a clean toilet and ended up in jail.

    YEah - keep notes - they help