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    husband and I just moved in to the main floor guest room so we could split difficult child and easy child up. They were sharing a large bedroom upstairs across from us. The room is huge... it was our bedroom, but we switched last year so we could put their beds further apart. The room they moved into was more like a long rectangle, and the one we switched to was more of a large square. But now... we are in a tiny room (10 x 10.5) just because difficult child antagonizes her little sis. For some reason, she thinks everyone else should "compromise" so she can have what she wants. So I no longer have a walk in closet or room for even a night stand. Just a bed (with a large shelf unit for a headboard) and a chest of drawers. Most of my shoes and most my clothes (and I don't really have a lot) will have to be kept in the basement. And husband 's hanging clothes will be in the hall closet. The bedroom closet is about 2 x 4 feet. I don't know where I will even put the dirty clothes hamper.

    Either girl would have been happy with this little room on the main floor... but I don't trust difficult child to stay in the house, or stay off the computer, or stay out of the fridge or even off the phone for most the night. And if little sis got the small bedroom... difficult child already started a rampage of how we favor little sis over her. Oh how life is never fair!

    3 years, and 8 months. Then she can legally be out of the house and hopefully finished with high school.

    Several years ago, the girls had an argument and I had them in time out until they could compromise a solution. Well, after about an hour, difficult child was complaining that it would never work... as she had tried and tried and tried to compromise but little sis STILL wouldn't do it her way! That is the story of my life. She thinks if she talks long enough, I will "understand" why it has to be her way. She just doesn't get the word NO. Which is odd... as we really do not change our no's. Except for now, with the separate bedrooms. But easy child's therapist thought it best for easy child. I am not doing it for difficult child. KSM
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    I know how you feel. I have a room about as small as you moved into. My boys share a huge bedroom also. There is a bedroom downstairs but I don't trust difficult child 1 as you don't trust yours. I also don't trust that difficult child 1 won't cause a problem with difficult child 2 when he gets up in the morning and we are all sleeping yet. UGH!! I hear you LOUD and CLEAR.
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    It is the not trusting part that makes this so hard. Plus the fact that each daughter has a room and closet that is obnoxiously large for one person, while two adults are squeezed in to the littlest room in the house. And I am also missing the recliner I had in the corner of my old bedroom so I could play on the computer, read a book, or sleep sitting up when my shoulder gives me problems.

    On the other hand. I haven't heard any screaming tonight. KSM
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    Maybe type that up, make a bunch of copies and hang them where you will see them. And be sure to put the date of when she turns 18 and graduates high school. Every time you feel resentful, look at it and remind yourself why you're doing it and that it's temporary. Sending strength and hugs! You're a strong woman!