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    ...Nearly everyone here has pets! In their "signature". Aren't they great at times like this?

    Anyway, difficult child just called from juvie, trying to manipulate me into dropping charges and getting him out at his hearing tomorrow. Told him, no, out of my hands, he needs drug treatment, everyone says he's done more than weed, he said "don't F***'ing accuse me of more than weed" Told him he does NOT swear at me and when he did it again later told him "call back when you can be nice" and hung up on him!

    So he called back, tearful, begging, pleading, sobbing, wants to come home, etc. I told him I want him home too, but it's like if I had a child in the hospital with cancer: I would miss them but I need to leave them there until they're better and then bring them home. He is tearfully promising to go to rehab, go to meetings, go to hospital, do anything I say so this is really good that the defiance is starting to melt. But his butt is staying in juvie if I can help it; he was out of control and that is the best place for him right now. Told him everyone loves him and misses him and is on his side; everything can be fixed, but it is not happening at the hearing tomorrow, going to take awhile. I'm pretty sure I'm doing the right thing.
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    You have gotten the right idea in record time. I'm proud of you for holding firm. He's safe and you don't have to sit on the edge of your seat.
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    For someone so new to coming to grips with your situation - your strength and approach are to be admired. You're right, you cannot help him right now and brining him home would be a huge mistake. More time is needed in an environment where he has no access to drugs. Ideally, maybe the court will send him to rehab for a month or so - then, when you bring him home, you will have a higher level of functioning person to try to work with. Hang in there.
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    I like that. Good for you!!