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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KC but no sunshine band, Nov 16, 2007.

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    would anyone care to join me? I am serious. I have taken 4 days off from work (my weekend I'm entitled to every two weeks but rarely ever take) and I have no plans. My only plan is to run away from work, the house, the difficult child and the husband for a day or two. I am taking that time just to regroup. The last few weeks have been challenging and my nerves are pretty much shot. I cry for no apparent reason lately and can't seem to bring myself to carry out all my afternoon shifts at work. The solution: go today to see my doctor for something to help with the nerves then Saturday and perhaps Sunday too, I will run away and leave all my worries behind. I have called my g/f's and invited them to run away with me. I don't know if I'll leave my city or not just so long as I get away and do some fun stuff, I think it will be therapeutic and long overdue. Some things I am considering to do would be to go for a massage, drive in the country, walk in nature, shop for myself, maybe even take in a game of BINGO. Ok... I know it all sounds rather silly but hey... we all need to remember to take care of ourselves once in awhile or we will be no good to those around us. I am hoping at the end of this weekend to be rid of some of the stress I have been experiencing lately. In the meantime, I really am serious if anyone would care to join me in running away. Take care to all of you and have a glorious weekend.
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  2. Steely

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    I SO would, if I could get the 3000 miles to Canada! :laugh:
    Have fun - you so need it, and deserve it!
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    Sounds wonderful but my easy child is in a karate tournament this weekend and I volunteered to help out as well. Your plans actually sound wonderful. I would love a massage, have had this stiffness across my shoulders for a couple weeks now. And to actually shop, just for me, with no kids or husband along? Amazing. It never happens, and I just said the other day we go shopping and bring home something for everyone else but almost never something for me. Where's the justice in that I ask? LOL To sit a enjoy a game of bingo, the excitement of only needing B5 to win, and not worry about rushing home to see what's happened NOW between difficult child, easy child and husband, oh heaven LOL.

    Your plans sound fun, have a good time doing stuff JUST FOR YOU.
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    I love your screen name. I actually DJ'd KC's birthday party a few weeks ago in Vegas. He still sounds great!

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    Went to see the doctor today - she told me I need to go away by myself. She prescribed Prozac and recommended I start seeing a psychiatric. First things first - I can only do so much. So tomorrow when I get up I will get a bag packed and jump in my car. I might come home tomorrow night or I might not. I feel like a crazy woman. I feel like my world is spinning out ... wait a minute, it's not spinning too bad now. Guess I really do need that break.
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    Do it, and ENJOY! Have fun. Don't come home tommorow night. Take a break, you deserve it. Think of it as therapy, as medicine, so you can do whar you do even better.-Alyssa

    I envy you.