I am seriously ticked off!!

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    So I just came from my Dr's office to pick up my medications, controled sub's so I have to pick up every month. When I go in to pick up, they RANDOM drug test me. At 33 years old, the only medications I take are ones that my Dr gives me!! I do not use illegal drugs, so basicly I am treated like some drug adicted person.
    And on top of it, it was really embarsing!!
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    Maybe more ticked off because you weren't expecting it?
    For myself... I'm on controlled medications too. And... I keep expecting it, (random drug test), because there are way too many people out there who abuse these things and/or add other stuff in... and I agree with the need to keep a cap on it. Besides... they need lots of "clean" drug tests from people like us, to convince the authorities that there ARE very real, legitimate uses of and users of these medications... 'Cause I can't imagine life without mine.
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    Yeah I am mostly ticked because I wasn't expecting it, and it made me feel like they thought I was doing something wrong- when I'm not!
  4. Star*

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    This is becoming MORE of a practice with doctors who prescribe controlled class 4 and 5 narcotics BECAUSE -----they are being heavily regulated, and OVERLY audited by the DEA. THEY CAN NOT tell you when they are going to randomly drug test you.

    ALSO be prepared for them to call you at home, ANYTIME and ask you to bring your prescription INTO their office for a pill count.

    This happens to DF ALL.THE.TIME. he's on Methadone, Delaudid..and something else (can't remember) but if he's is even short ONE pill? He's done. NO MORE pain medications. If he tests positive for something OTHER than what he's being prescribed? He IS FINISHED......One time I had a Lidoderm patch for my back - and I gave it to him for his knee - and it showed up in a urine test and they ALMOST cut him from the program. So yeah - this is not ---NOT just you. They have called here and asked him to come in to the office, counted his pills and then had him just go home. (Like someone on disability has the gas to do this)

    Sorry you're angry ----but you can thank idiots who doctor shop.
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    I get drug tested every time I see my pain doctor. I was surprised at this last appointment bc they did NOT want me to take my pills in. I forgot and left them in the car and told them I was going out for them and they had changed the policy. The cops here begged them to stop having patients bring in medications to each appointment because they found people waiting in the lot and just across the street in the other dr's office lot for people to leave so they could rob them. It was becoming a huge problem. I am on major pain medications and they just are a pita because the rules are soo nitpicky. I had a week's worth stolen and thought I was going to have to go through a week of withdrawal which is HIDEOUS and I don't know how anyone ever gets off medications cold turke. But oddly enough they just wrote my next rx early, which was a total shock to me!

    I was embarrassed at first by the drug test but it is nto a big thing now. More and more regular, non-specialist docs are doing random drug tests because they are ALL getting heavier and heavier scrutiny. There are facebook groups called "Stop Meth not medications" for many states because the laws are making it harder and harder for those of us who are law abiding to get the treatment we need. These methods are NOT stopping illegal drug use or production mostly. Putting sudafed behind the pharmacy counter is one of the very few things that DID make serious inroads into meth production, but most of the new laws just make it hard for those who have rx's to get our medications. Which is stupid and a waste of money that could go to things that would make a difference, in my opinion.

    The DEA has been out of control for a very long tme. I won't even travel to FL for an reason anymore. A few years back the DEA forced a pain doctor to say that a patient "stole" rx's for pain medications. This patient is now in a federal prison for LIFE because he took medications that his doctor rx'd. he did NOT steal the rx's, or use any undue influence or duress to get the dr to rx the medications. The patient took these medications as prescribed, did ALL the dr asked him to. He is STILL in prison. VERY shortly after he went to PRISON, the prison hospital implanted a morphine pump into his body to put morphine straight into his spine. He has a severe spinal problem that cannot be fixed. The prison also gave him a motorized wheelchair that his health insurance fought against providing. So the prison dr gave this patient MORE than what the private pain mgmt doctor was allowed to, and saw NO signs that the private dr was over prescribing anything. But they won't let the man out of prison because he was convicted. The dr openly has stated that the DEA gave him the choice of saying the rx's were stolen (perjuring himself) or going to jail for life himself!!! But FL continues to empower the DEA to do these ridiculous things to fight their "war" on those who legally use pain medications.

    THIS is one reason you got drug tested. The DEA is out of control and is doing some rather stupid things because anyone who objects to their methods is threatened with prison time for questioning them. There are a LOT of cases like this, and it is now affecting ALL docs, not just the pain specialists.

    I NEED pain medications. with-o them I would have killed myself years ago. The pain is just htat bad, and it truly drives me out of my mind. I feel blessed to have the awesome doctor that I have, and I am glad that I don't get called to have my pills counted. My doctor doesn't want them in/around the office. THey do call patients who run out of medications often to do this, but they try not to. They DO drug test you at most visits, an my reg doctor does too sometimes. My reg doctor has stopped because I will do an extra test at my pain docs but won't do a test at the reg doctor because they don't use a specialized lab. Any lab that is NTO specialized has a HIGH rate of false positives, so if they get any readings you find odd, insist taht they redo them and push for having a specialized lab do them. I could tell you a horror story about false positives that happened to me, and is why my pain doctor will send my lab reports to my reg doctor rather than have me test at the reg doctor's office.

    I am sorry it upset you.
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    This is becoming common practice, and as much as I know it is humiliating - especially when you're not expecting it - it has its benefits. The DEA is cracking down hard and it's making it harder and harder for those of us who need pain medications to get them, and at a dose and amount that is effective. I don't get enough, and what I do get isn't cutting it. And it's all because doctors are afraid of the DEA. Like Star said, we have to show them that we aren't abusing them. While some people who receive pain medications do abuse them, statistically, those of us who really need them do not.
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    So after ALOT of complaining tonight, come to find out they are under investagstion for misuse of oxy. Fun times right...lol And the Dr that I see in the practice has been my Dr for like 17 years. AMAZING!!
    I think I wouldn't have been so ticked off if the nurse had taken me in a room and explained it to me, instead of slinging a cup at me and telling me to pee. In the middle of a hallway, right near where people check out.
    This may seem shallow, but I live in a kinda small town, what if someone I know or a parent my kids go to school with had seen that. They could have had a field day with it!!
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    I go to a pain clinic in a relatively small town and I am surprised at how many people I know in the waiting room. I really dont like that. It makes me uncomfortable because I know they know what is prescribed there and leaves me feeling a bit vulnerable for a break in. My doctor does to pee tests but I have only been tested about 5 times since I have been going. Thats in a year and half now. I think I come out so exact and clean every time so they dont feel they need to do me every time. However at our local hospital its another story. I dont care if you come in for a broken arm, you are pee tested first thing. You can be 9 or 90.
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    Hospital is different. They are testing for WAY more than drugs... they have to assume that you have more wrong with you than the obvious, and so would be testing for all sorts of things... yes, including drug abuse, because that might be one more factor. I'd be surprised if hospitals didn't run some form of urine test on every single person that comes through ER.
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    when I last had to go to the ER for stomach pain, I told them I had taken an old codine pill that made me sick...they gave me a new ultram script and I never got a pee test. Q has never been tested....hmmmm....I guess I wont be surprised now if he is someday though. I would have been shocked if that happened to me too but I would understand. It think you should talk to the patient advocate and let them know that you understand the need but patient confidentiality should be respected. Even if it was for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) it was no one's business if you needed a urine test.