I am so bored!!

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    I know I shouldn't be- goodness knows I have plenty to do. But after getting up before 6:00, going to an appointment at DSS, checking emails at the library to see if anyone wants to buy anything, looking at refurbished laptops on the way to VA, spending a couple of hours at VA turning in an application for housing and trying to see a therapist (didn't happen), trying to sell difficult child's old clothes at a consignment shop (didn't work by the way), going home to call people who'd emailed and showing stuff.....well, I'm just too tired to do much anymore. I have hauled huge bags of clothing, stools, etc., for a week and I'm sore and tired. LOL! And I want a computer back at home!

    At least the guy is supposed to come later this evening to get the piano. If I get a couple of bigger things sold tomorrow, I can feel comfortable getting the laptop (refurbished). Janet, seriously, if you think one of your boys can help me get a new one for less than 250, please let me know! The one I looked at today comes with Windows only but if I can find my Office CD, they said I could load it on this laptop. It has WiFi, CD burner, and capabilities to connect to my old hard drive. Apparently those netbooks don't have all those capabilities- they have internet only, I think.

    So my back hurts too much to do anything strenuous but staring at a TV at home is boring me to tears and if I got comfortable and tried to read, I have a feeling I'd be asleep in about 2 mins. LOL!

    So there is my whine for the day!! Oh yeah- I got a voice mail from PO today- difficult child's drug test was positive for pot. I spoke with the new GAL yesterday and he wanted to know what my feelings were about difficult child going back to Department of Juvenile Justice. Huh? Well, considering how well this rehabilitated him the last time, how does he think I feel about it? (Nope- I didn't say that but thought it) on the other hand, when all I hear is that he doesn't qualify for services that are available when on probation, and no other services or transitional plan is available for him, then what difference does it make? If they are asking what my thoughts are on the three choices- home, Department of Juvenile Justice, or dss/my bro.....right now, Department of Juvenile Justice. What else can I say at this point? But it's killing me inside- he learns even worse and becomes even less able to survive ITRW while in there. difficult child told me when I spoke to him last that he spent the first two months in Department of Juvenile Justice last year scared out of his mind, then he said his heart died and he gave in and quit caring. Lovely things for a mother to hear, huh?
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    Billy said there should be a laptop or netbook at RS for 200. Just call around. Just make sure that it has a cd rom, you dont need a cd writer. You can save things to usb driver. actually, that is really all you need to put things on a laptop. Just burn things from a cd onto the usb thingy and transfer. You can get openoffice on the laptop if it doesnt have it or if you cant find your office cd. Works just the same. Netbook or laptop will come with a netcard in it. You can sit in any McDonalds or hotel parking lot and steal/borrow their wifi. VA may have wifi.
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    The RS here had a netbook for about 200 but it had no cd capability and something else was missing that is on most laptops- I don't remember what. Then they had a small laptop with the lower grade processor for 358 and one that had a bigger screen and better processor for 399. I'm thinking it still is preferable to get a refurbished laptop for 200-250. It appears the biggest issue with those is not holding a charge in the battery for long, but I can live with needing an outlet. I'm not sure though- I'm obviously not that savvy about this stuff. I can't afford to spend 350+. I would have thought some back to school sales would result in lower prices about now but I haven't heard of any. Walmart, Staples, and RS had about the same thing for the same prices.

    It has probably been good for me to break up my computer dependency a little but really, it's amazing how much we need them anymore to be able to do things in a feasible and competitive manner. I'm already behind the times because I never had a fax machine at home and have never gotten a cell phone for myself, other than a pre-pay to take on a road-trip vacation some years ago.
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    Go on Freecycle and ask for one. Someone was just on mine this past week looking for one and got one. Also, you can get around the CD thing with putting everything on a hard drive and just plugging that in to the usb ports. Or you can buy an external cd player.
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    I just and got this laptop- it was a little over 200 but came with those things I mentioned, a 90 day warranty, and case. And I was tired of waiting and spending time checking into them. I have my mouse plugged into it but didn't plug my monitor or keyboard in so I can try to get used to these- right now it looks like that might take a while!
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    I've been out of the loop -

    ARE YOU MOVING out of the P.O district??? (fingers crossed)
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    I am ok with this PO but not the district in general. If I move out of this district I want to make sure I'm out of the adjoining jurisdictions as well because the same GAL's work in them as well. There's definitely some strategy involved which is one reason I wanted some lengthy computer access again- I need to get an abundance of resumes/job applications out there now that it is more definite when I will be moving. Driving places to get 1 hour or so time on a computer was getting to be a pain real fast-especially when selling stuff online.

    ETA: PS to Star- I'm seriously considering giving my difficult child the new nick-name of "Little Dude".
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