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    Due to the past when M has posted x rated pics onto myspace........and one very suspicious one of kayla (especially because of that one).......I tend to keep tabs on what he's posting. I had just checked it yesterday. And other than being disgusted by his intro and daily posts which are perverted and gross.......... no more pics.

    Until today. I didn't know Nichole has also kept tabs. I said something to her about his latest post........and she sent me the link to his page telling me she'd just been traumatized again.

    Yup. My sister in law full frontal nude picture......smart enough this time to keep his face out of it. Except it's on his page with his name all over it so fat lot of good that does. Posted as his PROFILE picture......so anyone even just looking up the name gets to be traumatized too.

    This picture was taken in the doorway between the livingroom and the kitchen of katie's apartment. No doubt. I lived that floor plan for years......I have no trouble recognizing where he's standing. And of course his page is all disgusting comments about what he wants to do with other females or himself. :surprise::stopglass::wildone:

    His myspace page has been printed. It not only has the profile picture but the page info as well and what he has typed there. Also attempted to print just the photo itself......but it comes out too dark. I'll have to fix it........but I don't want to ewww ewwww ewwww. It's also been saved to both mine and Nichole's computers in case he goes in and changes it.

    Yes we reported him to myspace AGAIN.

    Past pics are on my external hard drive. I just need to find the cord to it to print them.

    I have as yet to blast katie. And I will blast her this time. She was told last time, given the benefit of the doubt........where as she made pathetic excuses and defended the slime ball. Odds are she'll pull another whoa is me routine and well Lisa I told him to stop doing that..........wtf? You got the perv living with you and my grandkids! Not. Good. Enough.

    I'm wondering if this would be enough for cps to at least investigate......... Probably not, as it doesn't directly involve the kids except he took the picture in the livingroom in the middle of the day so I wanna know where the h*ll my grandkids were when he did it.......since school is out and katie won't take them anywhere she doesn't HAVE to especially alone. :grrr:

    There is something dark and sinister going on under the surface of this between katie, M and yes even the kids. I've held the suspicion for more than a decade, with never enough evidence to go to authorities. Instinct and experience screams it at me. But I try not to let my thoughts go there until I have something tangible to work with. Just been watching closely for any signs. Then heaven help the man, he'll be praying he does get arrested to protect him from me.

    I am livid. I want to barf. I am soul sick that my grandkids are subjected to this monster every day of their lives and there is not one damn thing I can do about it. I'm fed up with a broken system that dos NOT work to protect the innocent until they are so damaged there is little hope in helping them recover. I'm tired of making reports that go nowhere.

    I wonder what would happen if I didn't tell katie about this but took it to the police dept or sheriff? Isn't posted x rated pics a crime? If I tell her, he's just going to take it down for a while.......and the only proof I have is our files and the print out.

    OMG seriously. You've no idea how badly I don't want to be involved in this crud. I don't want to know kayla alex and evan are living this nightmare. My mind doesn't want to go there. My heart doesn't want to go there. It's just too d*mn painful.

    I don't want to be responsible for my grandkids welfare. I don't want that on my shoulders. There, I said it. Awful huh? But I guess even seasoned warrior mom's get sick of running into brick walls.

    But I also can't ignore it either.

    I hate this. You've no idea.

    No point going to cps if they're not going to do anything.....it will just make the odds of me getting something tangible to work with less as they'll be watching what slips. No point going to the police if they won't do anything for the same reason. If they're on guard I have NO chance of getting something solid against this perverted twisted slime ball. (MUCH stronger words going through my brain) M has them all so tight under his control that slips are seldom, and not much........the most actually come from him, himself. I've gotten off handed......odd remarks from kayla once or twice....but not anything I can do anything with. If they're on guard, chance of getting anything to work with drops to zero.

    I have suspected something going on since........well crud........since he arrived on the scene when katie was first here when the older two were babies. Kayla's behavior dramatically changed and I do mean dramatic. When a toddler latches on to her grandmother and literally goes into hysterics when her mother comes to pick her up (soon as daddy O officially enters the picture) there is a major something going on. I won't go into further details......but lets just say I had strong basis for suspicion.

    It's why I nearly lost my mind when she took off with him last time.

    So. Could use some sound advice. If I move too soon, I may blow any chance of nailing this monster. Personally I'd like to skip the nailing him part and just deliver some of my own justice.......but I tell myself I'm no longer a difficult child. So fantacizing about it will have to do until I can bring him.........and maybe even him AND katie to justice. Yes, I have to admit to myself, even though I don't want to, that she may also be involved. She IS allowing this behavior to continue at the very least........and God only knows what else.

    Makes me soul sick. Which is why I don't really wanna go there most of the time.
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    First things first - HUGS.

    I am disgusted for you. And unless Kayla or Alex or Evan say something... There's $%^&-all you can do. And that's horrible. Honestly anyone (M) with that level of stupidity and disgustingess needs to be removed from society.

    I don't have any answers. If you blast Katie, it will just get hidden more.

    I swear. I know CPS doesn't DO anything. But I would try...Just in case... Just in case.

  3. Marcie Mac

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    Makes you wonder who was taking that picture?

    I would report them Lisa - he was caught before right doing the same thing when they were living elsewhere? And would report him to the manager if he is not supposed to be living there

  4. DammitJanet

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    Lisa...I think myspace has a policy that you cant post nude pictures or inappropriate pictures. I know that at one point one of my pics was taken down for some reason and I never even knew why.

    I think maybe I would attempt to forward this to the police as an anonymous person. Maybe that would hold more weight than as the grandparent since maybe they might think that was an interfamily fight. Go to the library and print it out and then send a letter along with it giving details of the situation to the police. Bypass CPS. Full frontal nudity on Myspace is against their terms of service. I have no idea if this will get anything done but it is your best bet.
  5. KTMom91

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    Would any of their teachers help you file a report? Even if school is out, teachers are mandated reporters...maybe the complaint would be taken more seriously if the info doesn't come from a family member.
  6. CrazyinVA

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    Sadly, I doubt taking it to the police would do much. I mean, if they arrested everyone that posted naked pictures on the internet, the jails would be overflowing. Now, if he were actively soliciting? That'd be different. So it depends on what he's "advertising." I'd be more inclined to contact CPS but I do understand your concerns there. I still think it's worth trying, however.
  7. Hound dog

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    Janet that is why I am considering the police. I couldn't do much along those lines when he was in Mo.........because he was there and I was here. Now he's sitting in MY county, in my town doing this crud.

    And he's been reported to myspace multiple times.......over and over again by many many people. He has yet to be banned or anything else. The one photo he took a week to remove even after we brought it to katie's attention. ugh We had to keep telling her it was still up to get him to remove it.

    I might get in touch with the officer who worked with me on this before.......just ask him or show him or whatever, see what he thinks? He's the one that got me the APB out on the kids even though I wound up finding them before they did.........and did it even though really he shouldn't have (because they were with their parents) simply because M was involved.

    See? This is why I hate this so much. 3 lives hang in the balance......and if I make the wrong move.......it's on THEM not me, they pay the consequences. ugh

    CPS so far has gotten me no where. Just them more careful and controlling with the kids.

    Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. ugh
  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    He IS actively soliciting. Just not for money.

    He's been actively soliciting since we've been back into contact with katie. ew

    Pics or no pics. That's been the jest of his posts for 3 yrs.

    Oh.........and d*mn marcie........I never even considered who was taking the picture. You just upped the ewwwww factor by 100 percent.
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    I wouldn't tell Katie ANYTHING! Makes me wonder too who took the picture!

    I don't know ... if you report it anonymously to the police (with no mention of the kids) they probably won't see it as anything serious, just that he was violating the terms of Myspace, not a criminal matter. At this point, I think I would waltz myself, picture in hand, down to the police station and tell them that this piece of $&%# is living in the apartment with your three grandchildren! And tell them that, chances are, they were there at the apartment when these pictures were taken! I'd give them names, ages, where they've lived in the past, everything! Let them call CPS! They might take it more seriously if it comes from the police. And while you're there, they can run a check on his criminal history, and you just might find that he's been involved in this kind of thing before, or been accused of inappropriate behavior with or around children. People who do these things usually have been doing the same thing for years and generally the behavior escalates over time. You may be surprised with what they come up with. Can't hurt!

    Do you know for sure that he's been approved to live in the apartment with Katie and the kids or are you just taking her word for it? I would also inform the apartment manager, let her know what a complete sleeze is living in one of their apartments with three little kids, and maybe he will be kicked out. If you think that they might run if that happens, I'd let the police handle it first, then do what you can with the apartment manager.
  10. donna723

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    What's really so sickening about the whole thing ... if he's doing this around the kids in an apartment, what must they have been witness to when they were all living in a little motel room?
  11. CrazyinVA

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    I meant soliciting for money. Based on my experience with internet dating? Dudes that post naked pictures of themselves, or send naked pictures of themselves, and tell you explicitly what they want from you, are a dime a dozen. That's why I just don't think the police care much, although the sites themselves will delete/ban the profiles. The fact he's doing this while living with three children, is a whole other issue of course. Approaching it from that angle is definitely the way to go... I think that's the only chance you have of the police giving a darn, to be honest, unless he's prostituting himself. Or, if you can think of someone else you trust who's a mandated reporter.. that might be another thought.
  12. DazedandConfused

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    Take screenshots too. Make a file, back it up on something. And don't say a word to either of them

    I'm just speechlessly disgusted.
  13. Hound dog

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    Yup donna I know.

    And cps is a no go. Called the hot line. They won't do anything because and I quote "there is no evidence to show it directly involves the children living in the household"


    This person obviously has issues with letting it all hang out in public.........if he's doing that publicly wtf is he doing privately?

    I hate the system. I really do.

    And I already knew pretty much what is in his background record. We'll just say it's not something you want to know about who your daughter chose to be with.

    I wish I was a drinker. I think I'd get bombed.....
  14. HaoZi

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    You said you thought there were pics of Kayla at some point? Did you get those saved?
    He wouldn't need someone else taking the picture depending on the camera. I'm presuming it's a digital which may or may not have a timing feature - but I bet it has a memory card. Any way you could get your hands on that? Dollars to doughnuts there's far more photos than he's posting.
  15. DDD

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    I'm sorry. I know the strain of years of stress that includes grandchildren. Wishing you the best. DDD
  16. susiestar

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    Lisa, I know money is desperately tight for you, but you and the girls need to figure out how to pay for a nannycam or two or three. One hidden in something like a clock that can be a gift to katie and M. I think with the girls helping, it might be possible to get one or two, esp if you search online for them - ebay, online spy shops, etc....

    CPS where you are is so overwhelmed that they have to have something really disgusting to even go LOOK to see if the kids are okay. With the birthday's coming up you have a PERFECT excuse for giving a toy with a camera in it. Stuffed animals won't work with the camera because they would get tossed willy-nilly. But in an alarm clock, or some other harmless looking item, you could sneak on in fairly easily. Then, with video of what is going on you can not only confront katie but also get cps to take the kids. Just make SURE than when you confront katie that hte kids are with YOU and will be spending the night or something as you insist that she either toss M out for pedophilia or she goes to jail herself. And if there is evidence of drug use, it just gives more weight. Now it may be technically illegal to hide a camera in their home, but if you have the tape there is NO way that liars like them will believe that you didn't cover all your bases.

    Or else you need to find someone to take him hunting back in the woods.
  17. skeeter

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    Hound dog - check your pms
  18. HaoZi

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    The problem with the nanny cams is going to be retrieving the video. Even the wireless/wifi ones require a network connection from the location they're placed at. I'll keep looking, but right now it almost seems a typical voice-activated bug might be more doable. There's also the whole invasion of privacy issues, since it's in Katie's name, unless you can get the property manager on board to allow it.
  19. DammitJanet

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    anyway you want to see if he wants to friend a new friend? LOL...I am sure I can find an "appropriate" photo that would entice him to want to friend me and we can see where that takes us.
  20. HaoZi

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