I am so ready for this election to be over....not political

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    For some reason our town is being bombarded with politcos out campaigning &/or announcing their democratic nomination for president.

    While this would be historic, it's a commuter's nightmare, especially if you happen to get stuck in the traffic caused by roads closed off because of secret service & crowds.

    To top it off, Mr. Obama didn't check the high school graduation ceremony schedules. There were 3 high schools holding their grad ceremonies at the same time in another arena downtown. It was a mess & there were some very irate parents who couldn't get parking or even to their child's graduation because of the foray caused by our historic visitor.

    We've had the same issues over the years. The Republican convention is hitting town sometime this summer. Another nightmare. The bridge that collapsed last summer is still being rebuilt so that messes things up further.

    It seems that you would consider the votes you may lose - those of the stuck commuter or the parents who can't make it to their kids graduation.
  2. SRL

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    Linda, the solution is simple. Move down to Illinois and no one will bother you.
  3. Lothlorien

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    I'm a bit sick of the attention on the news. Plus, there was some kind of primary yesterday in our county or state and I must have gotten thirteen phone calls a day touting one candidate or another. It's really annoying!

    One of my friends is speaking at a convention next Friday for one of our candidates. I wish I could go and see her. She's a military wife and she's really young, but she's a great speaker and her family has been through H-ll in the past two years because of something non-military related.
  4. nvts

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    I'm in total agreement with you! I am not only sick to death of this (it's been going on for over a year!), but I'd like to know why we're paying salaries to them ALL to not be representing our states!

    This has ALWAYS bothered me. Some politicians are in office for only 2 years. And they spend at least 1 campaigning! What a job!

  5. Abbey

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    Our traffic stinks ALL the time so I probably wouldn't know the difference. There's always some big event going on. The boxing matches are the worst. The only time I know of a horrendous situation is when the President came here and they closed several of our major roads for his path through town. I was going to do an event and had to be very creative on how to get there.

  6. KTMom91

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    I'm another one who's ready for all this to be over. The most irritating thing for me was that the neighboring city had ELEVEN mayoral candidates...ELEVEN people bashing the other ten...ELEVEN people saying how great they are, all the time...and I couldn't vote for any of them and they just would not shut up!
  7. Marguerite

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    OK, I'm on the other side of the world and I can't wait for it to be over! We get daily updates on the election campaign. Yesterday we were getting more frequent updates with, "has Hilary said anything yet about whether she is going to continue to campaign even though she's so unlikely now to win the Democrat nomination?"
    We got THAT one with every news bulletin including a live cross to "our US correspondent".

    Aussie politics is different. I mean, we get fed up with our politicians long before the election gets called, because they have a pseudo-campaign that begins about 18 months earlier.

    For us, we are divided up into electorates. They vary in size with no rational logic to how big or small they are depending on population or area. A lot of the decisions as to electorate boundaries are made by whoever is in power, designed to keep them in power (we call it "gerrymander").

    Each electorate has a MP or Member of Parliament (for the state as well as Federal - but the state electorates and Federal electorates have different boundaries and different names) who is elected by the people who live in that electorate. Voting is compulsory for every person over 18.
    Depending on the political persuasion of the MP depends which party is in power. More Liberals means a Liberal government. If the MP belongs to no party, he can choose with whom to align depending on who makes him the best offer (in terms of policies he wants to get pushed through).

    We also have our Senate (equivalent to the British House of Lords, only our Senate is elected). They are not associated with electorates, the entire country gets to vote (although each state has its own Upper House, as well as its own reps on the Federal Upper House). Our Federal Senate ballot paper is literally the size of a table cloth! And I don't mean a coffee table, either. We don't always have a Senate election (or more strictly, half-Senate, since we only elect half the Senate at a time) but the politicians try to time it so both houses are voted on at the same time.

    It's easier to be a independent Senator than an independent MP.

    What it boils down to - we have two major political parties and a handful of minor parties, all trying for the top job. Only the two major parties have a chance of being in charge (one of the major parties is actually a coalition between two groups with similar ideas).

    WHat happens politically in the US is important to us because Australia relies on being "in good" with the US. We're a large country with a small population, on land which cannot support many more than we already have. Other countries nearby look enviously at our wide open spaces, not understanding just how arid and inhospitable most of this place is. We need the US to keep us safe.

    As a result, your election outcome is of extreme importance and interest to us.

    Our politicians are different to yours - we don't get all the festival hoop-la at election time, at least not to the same extent. Our MPs have to be more approachable, more within reach. Our own state MP lives in our village and is also currently captain of our bushfire brigade - now that's REALLY rolling up your shirt sleeves and getting stuck in! It means people have faith that he really does understand what it's like to live in fear of your house being destroyed through vandalism, damage to the environment and general thoughtlessness. When we see him he's not always wearing a business suit - a lot of the time he's wearing slickers, or maybe shorts and t-shirt relaxing at a local fair.

    In Australia we value honesty, integrity and mateship. It's hard to find that in a politician. Aussie politicians have to be seen to be working with people and for a lot of them, it's difficult.

    We currently have a PM (Prime Minister; leader of the country) with a difference. Kevin Rudd is a new broom sweeping clean who swept to power in December '07 with the t-shirt slogan (very US) "Kevin 07". Now he's in power and seemingly not sleeping but constantly working, he's getting called "Kevin 24/7". Frankly, if the worst we can say of our leader is that he's a workaholic, then I think a lot of other countries would be envious.

    We in Australia worry when we see rivals in the same party apparently attacking each other in their zeal to win the nomination. if only resources could be pooled to get a PARTY into power, instead of the person! And yet - maybe our system seems wrong to you, with the focus on party politics and not on what man person can do to represent your country on the world stage.

    We do not have a say in who our country's leader will be - the party decides. Some countries feel this is insane. Maybe - but it IS different!

    It will all be over soon. Whoever you vote for, it won't really matter - you will get a politician. That's for certain.

  8. timer lady

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    SRL, that's harsh!

    Marg, I've been watching BBC America (love the programming) & am astounded over the level of coverage our election is given.

    Just another 5 months to go - yee hah!