I am so upset right now !

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    We received the kids teacher assignments today by mail. Both the kids have the teacher they wanted. Great news right ? NO! When difficult child was in second grade he was placed in the same class as our next door neighbor and boy was this a huge problem. Yes, difficult child has his issues and invaded neighbors personal space, yada, yada, yada. husband and I were aware of it and tried to speak with the 2nd grade teacher about redirecting difficult child because this child and others (his partners in crime) were not very nice to difficult child causing huge emotional meltdowns. difficult child made it through 2nd grade and I approached the school principal asking her to place difficult child in a different class in 3rd grade. I did not ask for any special teacher, just a different class. I informed the principal that I know this can be a difficult request but please understand and try and accomodate difficult child. She said I would not be a problem and she would handle it. She did not! I contacted her immediately (after difficult child knew what teacher he was assigned and what friends were in his class) she moved difficult child to the other class. difficult child was upset and confused but it was the best thing for him. OKAY so on to my long rant !!! I followed the same procedure for 4th grade and again was told it would be handled. Mail comes today. I am confident things will work out and stupid me tells the kids who they have ( I should have hid it !)so I wait to hear what teacher the neighbor kid has.... sure enough same class again. Not fair and I am more than PO'd right now. I am mad at myself for trusting the principal and for telling the kids. At this point I will not switch difficult child out. He is going to catch on as this happened last year. difficult child has matured this year and I am hoping for the best. I am however going to generate a very irate email !
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    How very frustrating. I can totally understand your anger! Hugs!
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    I am sorry. I wonder why they ignored your request a second year in a row? I would be as irate as you are, esp given your difficult child's anxiety, etc...

    Seems like he is starting the year with a handicap that is pretty big. You may want to ask difficult child if he wants you to change his class. Let him know you cannot ask to have the other kid changed, and it will be harder after classes start (if it is possible at all), but you can try to get his teacher changed. Keep try in there - just in case.

    If he is still balking at taking medications, you can let him know that if he wants a voice in decisions like this (his class, which class would be best for him), he has to do the mature thing and take his medications willingly, otherwise he is too much of a child to even have a voice in this choice. Just a thought - don't know if that is still a problem.

    How does he get along with this neighbor kid when they are not in school? Do the kid's parents know that their kid is a bully to your kid when they are at school? I wonder what their reaction might be and if maybe both boys have matured enough to try to get along this year? Sometimes that is a pipe dream, isn't it?