I am sooo mad at easy child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Jun 29, 2010.

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    --I have been working on fixing her financial aide and fafsa for her to go to school this coming fall. She did her fafsa herself and "didn't need any help" but now the school keeps calling me to fix this and that. She didn't file taxes because she didn't work and listened to her boyfriend instead of others. My sister in law does our taxes and she had to come over to help me write a letter to explain to the financial aide department certain things on our taxes. Soo I've being emailing back and forth all afternoon with them and she worked all day then had to come over tonight to help me. We finally got it all done and I text easy child to come over to sign some form for the college. She sent back "K" --well we waited, made dinner, so I text her again and said you are coming tonight right --she sent back -No sorry. WHAT??? I replied with a not so nice comment and haven't heard back from her. I don't think that she gets that if this isn't done she will not be going back to school the fall semester. I do not know what has happened to her--she use to be so responsible and respectful. I just feel like calling her and screaming. If she weren't have car problems I would put her phone on pause. I want to ground her but she isn't living here. What the heck?
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    I know they say that the kids should do their own FAFSA's but I do mine. My income is none of their business and it doesn't get messed up if I do it.

    Good luck.
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    I did mine, too. But, this is really about her not taking responsibility. You have to let it go. It is her life she is messing up, not yours.
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    I did my easy child's FAFSA when the time came, but she was very responsible about it. I do not do it anymore because she's old enough to do it herself if she wants it bad enough.

    I think you need to let this go. Perhaps remind her that this is her responsibility and if it doesn't get done cooperatively with your input, it doesn't get done and her academic career will be sidelined - at HER own hands. This is not up to you anymore. I'm sorry, that's a bitter pill to swallow as a mother, I totally get it, but at what point do we stop? Hugs, hang in there.
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    I did the FAFSA for Miss KT because she asked me to, and she sat with me while I filled it out. She's taken care of everything else relating to school. If she hadn't, she wouldn't be going.