I am soooo relieved

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    My mom hasn't worked in over 3 years and my stepdad is on disability. Mom applied for disability also but was denied and once she appealed....there was a lot of red tape, delays, extensions, etc. For the last few years, they have been living soley on Dad's disability. (Not a lot).

    She just called me. They FINALLY approved her! I'm soooooo relieved. They are dating the payments back to April of 06 but even without that, her monthly income added to Dad's will allow them to live normally. They will have a normal level of income...have enough to get repairs done on their house (desperately needed) and actually buy things they need instead of making do. They live in the country and heat with propane. I know the last couple of winters, they had to heat with kerosene heaters for the last couple of months because they didn't have enough money to buy more fuel. And that affected their cooking too as the stove is propane also. I've been so worried about them and now I can relax because they will be able to afford the necessities!!!

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    So glad to hear this. I hate it when we have to worry about the essentials but it is much worse worrying about it for family.

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    YEAH mom and POP -

    PM me if you want the info on home repair for disadvantaged - some of it is free.