I am SUCH a difficult child

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Dec 26, 2009.

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    I posted somewhere yesterday about what I received from H for Christmas....a crockpot, 2 cookies sheets, 3 prs of panties and a leopard print cami (soooo random) and two shirts. I love all these things, I really do, but what I wanted from H was a Nook, the new ebook from Barnes & Nobles. It's all I wanted. I knew it was expensive and I even said, "If you can't get the Nook, the Sony is on sale at Target and I would love that just as much" - he smiled at me. You know, the way someone smiles at a simpleton.

    So, I was a bit disappointed yesterday, felt dejected and kept myself busy cleaning and doing laundry and fussing in the kitchen...while H played with his new Digi-Writer thingy, whatever it is. But eventually, I bucked up and put on my happy face and we hit up the movies (bad move - I am so sick I shouldn't have gone out!). But, I did send easy child a text at her dad's about my disappointment. Later I thought, "Oh, maybe H is getting it for me for my birthday on Sunday" and I sent easy child another text telling her nevermind, that I was just a big whiner (which I'm sure she agreed with).

    **I must insert here that I am really sick. I have walking penumonia. I've been taking mega doses of prednisone and that stuff makes me crazy - CRAZY. I hate prednisone!!!! Hate it! Took it my entire childhood (explains so much now). Also, the PMS is here. So, add that to my already gfgness, and well, you have a delusional crazy person.

    Today, my girls come home from their dad's and we exchange gifts. easy child hands me an envelope with an annoyed smirky look on her face. I open it. It's a picture of a Nook. OMG. They bought me a Nook, but they were waiting till the girlies were home before giving it to me. I turned to look at H and he smiled that smile, again, that you give to simpletons....like I'm mentally retarded. I swear it was there. I asked easy child, "So, did you roll your eyes when you got my text yesterday?" and she said, "Yeah, I turned to everyone and said, "Mom's flipping out"...meaning all of exh's family!!!! Eiyee.

    SO I GOT A NOOK!!!!!! I'm so excited. I don't get it until Jan 5th because it's backordered, but OMG. I am so excited.

    And, hello, my name is JoG and I am a difficult child.
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    Cute story!! I'm glad you got it!
  3. Suz

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    Jo, you were a difficult child and we love you anyway. :flowers:

    (enjoy your Nook and take care of yourself!)

  4. DammitJanet

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    Oh that is so funny! Sounds like something that would happen to me.
  5. Shari

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    Congrats on your Nook, but I beg to differ on the difficult child part.

    Didn't we have a post in general about what constitutes a difficult child? I think the fact that you put your happy face on and moved past it pretty much leaves you out of the running.
  6. Abbey

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    haha...they say acceptance if the fist step of recovery. :)

    What a nice gift. Enjoy!

  7. GoingNorth

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    Enjoy your Nook. I haven't tried one, but was an early adopter of the Kindle2. I love my e-reader. I have a leather "book cover" for mine and it goes everywhere with me
  8. flutterby

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    Yay on the Nook!!!

    I have to say, if all I had gotten (or thought I had gotten) from my spouse was a crockpot and cookie sheets - along with the other things - I would have probably felt a bit gfgish myself! Crockpots aren't Christmas gifts. Everyone knows that!