I am Such a Meanie lol

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    It's boyfriend's night to have Aubrey. Nichole came home around suppertime. She was going to hang out this evening with mutal friends. The friends are a couple the kids went to school with living in an apartment not far from here.

    Last weekend Nichole went with this couple and came back later than she was supposed to. Ticked me because I had Aubrey. She was sleeping, but that wasn't the point. I had told her no later than 11:30 because I wanted to be able to go to bed. She didn't get here until midnight. One minute before cerfew.

    So I just got off the phone with her.

    Nichole wants to sleep over at these kids apartment.

    I said Uh, No.

    She asks again and adds in a why not

    I told her she knows why not as she had that answered when she wanted to sleep over with boyfriend while his parents were out of town.

    But this was different, and I wasn't watching Aubrey, and why when she's 18.

    So, as dramatically as she would I said again, "If you can find somewhere to sleep other than home then you have no reason to be living in my house as an adult."

    She then asked when her cerfew is. I said she also knows that answer as it hasn't changed since she was 16. Nichole said she'll see me then.

    Now I know parents who think this is extreme as she is almost 19. But I know Nichole. If I let it start she'll be staying at boyfriend's and God knows where any chance she got. While living under my roof I'm not going to put up with it, or have my grandchild have to put up with it.

    I have nothing against these kids she's hanging out with. They seem very nice. Although the boy gave Nichole yet another tat which is the most unattractive one I've ever seen right smack on her chest. (3 huge black stars) Nichole thinks it's great cuz it was free. *sigh* But they don't seem gfgish. Just young.

    In the morning I'll hear how mean and unfair I am and I'll be expected to explain the Why of it to her again.:talkhand::rolleyes:
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    Seems like the rules have been clear. You stuck to your guns.
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    I am in total agreement with you. My son came home from college at 21 and wanted to spend most nights sleeping over his girl friend's parents house. He told me he was 21 and could do as he wanted, I said it was time to get his own apartment...my house isn't a hotel or a mailing address.
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    I'm going to have to take this up with easy child 1, as well. He drove back and forth to college (over an hour each way) and sometimes stayed with a friend down there, which made sense. Now that he's out of college, he has the habit of staying else where, but wanted to "live" at home to pay off his student loan before he hit the big bad world, and I agreed. It was a good idea. However, he's not paying any extra on his loan. He makes $12 an hour with benefits (good wage for a not-quite-19-year-old) yet he is barely making it paycheck to paycheck. He gets paid Friday and is probably hitting what little savings he has to make it til then. He wants to spend every waking moment with his girlfriend, so he comes home at the last possible moment, spends a few hours sleeping (often not even in his room), then leaves for work the next morning to repeat the process. If she's not home, he sits and watches tv at home. We have a tiny house. My bedroom "doubles" as our office, my sewing room, and husband's gun room. Keeping easy child's room to basically store his stuff is getting a bit ridiculous. I think soon we'll talk about finding another place for him to live or he needs to start paying rent on his storage unit. lol
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    House of cards: I love this! May I steal this quote as amo in my next confrontation with difficult child? He seems to think this is the Holiday Inn -- clean towels, shampoo, and free continental breakfast!!

    If you want to live with all the privilages of being an adult, you need to shoulder the responsiblities too.