I am thankful.

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    for all of you.

    I think about my exMIL raising DEX in the 70's. Wee difficult child isn't even as bad as DEX was at this age (for some time, they were pretty much identical - but wee is doing better than DEX ever did at this point). EVERYONE blamed her for her kid's crazy problems. Even the docs.

    She catered to him too much. She didn't cater to him enough.

    She was too strict. She was too lax.

    He needed more boundaries. He needed 100 acres to run free on.

    Everyone judged her and had the answer. EVERYONE.

    I don't think I could have carried on in those shoes. As hard as this journey is, I have the support of some of my family, some really good friends, several doctors, and most importantly, YOU GUYS. Because without you, wee difficult child wouldn't be any better than he was when I came here yeas ago.

    You guys gave me TEC, which turned our world around with wee. You gave me neuropsychologist evaluations and the drive to find a better doctor which lead me to the doctor in OK that I think may have found a really huge piece of the puzzle. You gave me the courage and the warrior mom armor to pick up and keep fighting when I had given up and resigned to doing what the so-so doctor wanted to do. You gave me advice and direction to take the school on head-on and push for what wee difficult child needed.

    And you help me find the humor in this whole pile of bull dung that is (or at least can be) my life. You've given me Two Brooms, and honestly, I can't deal with her without smiling...that alone is priceless.

    So, on this Thanksgiving day, know that I am thankful for each and every one of you who are stuck on this messed up merry go round with me. 'Cause I wouldn't have made it without you.

    Thanks, guys.
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    And I'm thankful for you and all the other people here...

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    I love what you said and I agree wholeheartedly. Happy Thanksgiving Shari. Love, hugs and laughter xo
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    Shari, that was beautiful and so well put.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Amen, sistah!