I am tired of feeling like this

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  1. difficult child's sense of entitlement is simply off the charts.

    Started like this: difficult child spent the night at a friend's house Sunday night. They came over our house to play basketball(real reason, cute boys next door, ugh).

    difficult child came into house demanding she and friend be allowed to walk to local 7 11. No, sorry but it was getting dark and friend's mom was coming soon to pick them up. They were supposed to go back to friends house to make rice krispy treats for their class. difficult child was to sleep over again last night and they would take her to school. This in itself is a huge reward as we usually do not allow sleepovers on school nights(they had yesterday off for spring break)

    OMG, you would have thought the world ended. difficult child started screaming that I am a b***h, worst mom in the world, etc, I NEVER let her do anything! :rollingpin:

    By now the entire neighborhood of kids was at my front door, wondering what the heck was up.

    I, calmly as I could, asked neighbor kids to go home, took easy child 3 with me to my room, shut and locked the door and waited for husband to get out of the shower. I was not going to tackle this one without him. I really wanted a Bill Cosby moment and ask husband to knock her head off her shoulders, erg.

    I let husband know what was happening (difficult child still screaming in living room, no idea where friend is at this point). difficult child tells husband a bunch of lies of things I said, I didn't say anything except no, not going to walk to store.

    Friend comes into living room stating her mom is outside, is difficult child ready to go? I could see on husband's face that he was gonna cave and let her go. I stepped in, told friend, sorry but due to difficult child's 2 yo behavior, she was not old enough for a sleepover (friend is a mild difficult child as well, so she got it).

    difficult child starts all over again, then stops herself and tries to apologize. Sorry kiddo, you are going to bed.

    She did just start her monthly and has a cold, but sheesh, there is no excuse good enough for making me feel like she did, or rather I allowed her to once again make me feel like crappolla.

    husband lets her stuff just roll off him, man I wish I could do that. I took easy child 3 to bed with me and we watched a movie together. Wanted her away from the drama that she is always shoved into. I was half mad at husband and I still don't understand why. He backed me up after waffling for a second. so why the anger at him?

    We have family and individual therapy this afternoon/evening and boy do I have alot to talk about.

    Why do difficult child's feel they are entitled to everything? Does this ever get better? Or is she going to be like this when she's living on her own, if that can ever happen. I guess she would learn the hard way that the world is bigger than just her.

    Feeling overwhelmed and stomped on today.
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    Lots of teenagers have Entitelement Disorder, as I call it :) HOWEVER...only a difficult child would burst into cussing to that extent.

    Really, husband did ok. He did back you up. I'd try to let that go. And (this is really hard) it's always best in my opinion not not react if a difficult child is calling you names. They WANT to get a reaction out of you.

    I think you handled it very well. Of course, though, you feel agitated. Who wouldn't??

    I remember Aly well. I have an adopted daughter a lot like her...too beautiful for her own good, five foot nine, bi-racial, a star athlete at school...keep us updated. Good for you for NOT caving in.