I am upset with our property tax dept

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    This is probably my fault but I am ticked with them. I should have been more on top of it but then again, they shouldnt have allowed me to get my tags last year if this was a problem.

    I know no one remembers but in 2007 we almost went into foreclosure because I got in trouble over failure to pay property taxes on my home. We finally got that all paid up in full when I got my disability settlement in July of 2007. I was talking with them from May of 2007 about how I was disabled and just got the approval but waiting on the money and even showed them the letter stating I was approved. What they failed to tell me was that I should have applied for the Disabled and Elderly Credit before June 30th so I would get a tax credit and my property taxes would be lower. So I failed to get it for my 2007 taxes...grrrr. Another year of high taxes I would have to pay! Plus my new car was on it.

    So starting in Feb of 2008, I started making payments to them of $65 a month. My car came up for renewal of its registration in August of 2008 and you have to have your property taxes paid in order to have your renewal done. In late June or early July I got the little card that I could fill out and send in with a check or just take in to the local DMV office to renew my tags. They only do that if your property taxes are paid. I went in and got my tags with no problem. I had paid my $65 a month up till Sept. 08. In Oct. 08, I forgot to pay it and then in Nov 08 I was in the hospital as we all know.

    Now all knew taxes are out. Now they are claiming that none of the money I paid went to my car taxes and all of it went to my house taxes! So now I have my new house taxes, what is left on my 07 house taxes, my 07 car taxes and my 08 car taxes! The least they should do is put what I paid in on my 07 car taxes and let me pay on my 07 house taxes! That way I can get my car registered. Ugh. I thought they were splitting things up. Seemed logical to me! Especially when I actually got my car registered last year.