I bought books, AGAIN...

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    I cannot walk into a book store without buying more books than I intended. I went in to get The Explosive Child to take to the school and ask whomever is going to be the case manager next year and (hopefully) the priincipal to read this summer.

    Then, I saw the book that Star always recommends, so I got it, too.

    Mind you, I have 3 books upstairs on BiPolar (BP) that I have yet to read cover to cover, not to mention the other books I have never read- but will someday, LOL! I have read The Explosive Child and New Hope for Teen and Adolescent BiPolar (BP) cover to cover- they were both well worth it. I do use the other 3 BiPolar (BP) books like reference books- reading a chapter at a time as the need arises. So, maybe it isn't all that bad.

    But, then, since difficult child had asked for a book for him about BiPolar (BP)- one written for young teens who actually have BiPolar (BP)- and I had run across the name of one online but couldn't remember it, I went looking for that. I couldn't find any. But, while I was in that section I see a book titled "The Burn Journals".

    Some here might not be aware, but difficult child was first put in the psychiatric hospital 2 years ago after the final straw with me was seeing him push a tire swing back and forth into his chest, and the tire swing had flaming dried leaves in the bottom of it. He swears that he was not trying to catch himself on fire, but come on- I figured it was not rational either way and was a sign of something seriously wrong. Then last year, prozac induced or not, 3 days after sd "rejected" him by putting him a long term suspension for the rest of the school year, difficult child starts a brush fire by dropping lit matches around his feet while standing in a wooded area full of dried leaves. (he's done other illegal things, too- mainly violating other people's property.)

    So, I look at that book and see that it is about a 14 yo boy who deliberately set himself on fire, then survived, barely and after many surgeries, and has "recovered" mentally and wrote this book. It was in the teen section but I'm thinking I will read it first, then if it still seems appropriate, I will give it to difficult child when he comes home. (He would NEVER read it while in juvy.)

    I just thought I'd give everyone a heads up- I might be posting about this book while in tears and nerve-racked within the next week or so. I hope I can make it through the entire book.

    By any slim chance, has anyone here read it?
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    I can't read those books. I read the beginning of a bipolar child book and went into a major depression.
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    I thought this would have me in tears the whole time. It has turned out to be a book that I don't want to put down. I'm over half-way through it, and I am not ordinarily a fast reader.

    It is written first-person, telling all his thoughts as a 14 yo, and it is very revealing because it is clear that what he communicates to others (parents, friends, everyone) is not really how he feels or what he is thinking. But, it isn't intentional lieing. It is sad, but it is more of a strong reminder that even depression is an illness that is no one's fault, at least sometimes. It has it's humurous moments, too. Like, in the midst of painful therapy he still has typical teen boy thoughts of sex. (Go figure!)

    I would recommend it to the parent of a seriously depressed teen/adolescent boy- even at the earliest signs of depression.
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    This sounds like a very powerful book. I owuld like to hear more of your thoughts on it.

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    I am no longer allowed unsupervised inside a Borders or a Barnes and Noble, especially if I have a loaded checkbook. Fortunately, Goodwill and the Salvation Army stores are not yet off limits, and I've found some useful books there. I just picked up "Disciplining the Difficult Child", but haven't started it yet.

    I keep telling Hubby there are worse habits I could have than being a book junkie...
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I got a 30% off coupon emailed to me from Borders and used that as an excuse to go there today (since it was expiring). Bought a book on gifted kids and ADHD and misdiagnoses.

    husband took it upon himself to comment on the fact that I DIDN'T buy a book on how to improve my marriage... I really wanted to pop him for that whiny remark. Yeah, our marriage isn't in the best shape ever, but it's also not in the worst shape ever (that was LAST year). And (ahem) we DO have a child who is in the middle of a major upheaval which needs some attention, doncha think? AND the book applies to the other two difficult child's as well... Besides, I don't see him running out to the library or the bookstore EVER.

    Oh my, was that a rant? I do believe it was! Sorry, and thanks :)

    I didn't see the Burn Journals anywhere -- what section do you think it would be in?
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    Thanks, Ladies! Susie, in a way I'm trying to hold off on a conclusion until I get to the end. I'm only reading a couple of pages at a time now since I have to squeeze the time in. But, I think there are only about 80 pages left.

    Anyway, a couple of things stick out in my mind- 1) this kid was messing around with fire/matches. He would get in trouble for it. But, instead of this being what the adults interpreted as boy mischeif- he was having self-harming and resulting serious fire-setting temptations the whole time and the more trouble he got into, the more negative thoughts he would have. It doesn't spell that out but you can see it by reading his repetitive thoughts. For instance, he was having suicidal thoughts and at one point, he seriously considered making the furnace in the basement blow up- which would have killed his whole family- even though, he had no ill-feeling towards his family and really had no direct homocidal thoughts. It was to be a means of just ending it all for himself. At the same time, he was having perfectly normal typical teen thoughts and behavior. It was intermixed and that is why it is/was hard to distinguish.

    and 2) so far in the book, I think he's had 4 tdocs try to "get to him" and he's thinking, the whole time, how they are approaching this like idots. They have asked if he still wants to kill himself, why did he want to in the first place (he really doesn't know), and given him psychiatric tests- like the ink blot- and he's just wondering why they don't just talk to him and asked him what is going on with him.

    Mary, I agree - there are much worse things then getting books!!

    gcvmom- this was in the teen section (nonfiction). I guess it was written by this guy when he was in his 20's (I think) to try to prevent teen suicide. I happen to think it is just as insightful for the parents. Especially when there have been the typical, however slight, signs of depression or suicidal tendencies, or now, tendencies to play with fire. My son had(has) all of those.

    PS- The main thing that it has taught me so far is that WE are not over-reacting. I am just trying to hurry and get to the part that tells what really helped and turned things around for him. So far in the book, regardless of what he has been through with surgeries and rehabilitative therapy (he was burned on over 85% of his body), this has only served to make him have more negative feelings about himself.
  8. Nomad

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    As usual...reading here fast on the way to an appointment.
    Is this the book?
    [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Burn-Journals-Brent-Runyon/dp/1400096421/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1215529156&sr=8-1"]Amazon.com: The Burn Journals: Brent Runyon: Books[/ame]
    Has anyone read it?
    My difficult child was stressed to the max due to a situation where she got in over here head with- another difficult child.
    She had a panic attack, was playing with a lighter and one bystander thought she might have been trying to set her pants on fire.
    She was taken to the hospital, assessed, went through group threapy and sent home. We watched her carefully for awhile and she did well...but of course, it is at the back of my mind.
    If anyone has read the book, please post or pm me.
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    Hi, Nomad! Yes, that is the book I finished it last night. I looked at the amazon link and read a few of the reviews (including the bad one)- those are pretty accurate descriptions though. PM me if you want with any specific questions.

    I'm sorry your daughter gave you such a scare but I take it she's doing well now??