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    The rain is gone...:singer:

    Ok so everything isn't ALL better but I DID finally get my medications (Vistaril, Wellbutrin & Lamictal) on Friday. Then over the weekend I sat down to read a book a good friend had given me months ago, The Secret, not expecting it to be that significant (although my friend still swears by it, guess that should've been my clue). I wish I would have read this book months ago when I got it, it's incredible!! I am already familiar with the theory of getting back what you put out as far as bad energy and good energy goes.....I don't think I've said this on this site yet and I HOPE I don't get any nasty feedback from it but we are Wiccan and strongly believe that when you put out good thoughts and energy that's what you get back and vice versa. However, like most people I was not practicing the principles of my religion ALL the time in everything I do.....until I read this book.
    If you have not read it you really need to, it is non-denominational but very spiritual and regardless of what you believe it WILL move you.....it is also in movie form for the non-readers. Last night I made husband, who is a non-reader, watch the movie (it's on Netflix by the way under faith & spirituality) husband tried to balk at it and dismiss it at first, but by the end of the movie he was all excited and spouting off about how he was going to change everything. easy child 2 watched it with us as well, and TOOK NOTES!! She has also been all excited about the possibilities. All three of us have already put the theory to work and it really works. Today alone, hubby got a call to do some side work for a large sum of money, and drove for 5 miles (on dead tags :anxious:) with a state trooper behind him while he was visualizing that the trooper would keep going when he turned, and he did! easy child 2 focused on the boy she likes and he gave her his number out of the blue today LoL and I've just had an all around great day which is highly unusual. Too bad difficult child doesn't get the concept, I tried.

    So, bottom line; if you haven't read the book or watched the movie you should & trust me you too will be calling everyone you know insisting that they do the same.
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    I think that anything whether it's faith based of one faith or another? If it's motivational and pulls your family together AS a family? Is powerful. Positive thoughts and unity go a long way to creating - most anything. Negativity and division seem to spark nothing but chaos, sadness, aloneless, depression. Although I do like to be alone? I don't like to be lonely.

    Most of the big board tabus (since you are relatively new) are oh poo - right out of my head....Politics, religion - something else. See? Frain bart. Probably selling tupperware - self promotion things like that. Also being a lurker, a troll. Not like a Mountain troll - I mean if you WERE a Mountain troll and signed up to be a board member and someone said "Hey you! You can't be a member No Mountain trolls allowed!" Well that would just be racist. That's not like that kind of troll. Although I don't know any Mountain trolls person....al...l....y......(thinking) wait maybe I do? yes, YEs I think I do. My x father in law and Step mother in law were from the back country of W.VA - they could possibly count as Mountain trolls. ????? (looking off longingly left upper corner of room.......hmmmmm) No, no I think they were....(exhale) sadly yes - same last name as mine before I divorced so no, NO that doesn't qualify them as Mountain trolls.

    But anyway you get the idea. I mean I personally like your thoughts. I'm Christian - Protestant. But I love to read about all religions. After 911 I ordered a Quaran because I got so sick of people running around saying things about this and that and quoting things that really were not true about that religion. Amazing what people will pass on to you in an email. So I just like to have my facts straight. I also like the Pope - the one that just got his beautification. Or however you spell that. I'm not sure what you have to do to be a Saint. I kinda chuckled and wondered if he had raised a difficult child child. Then thought - well my beautification should be commin' any day now not? Ahem. (looks up for signs of lighting). Okay I'll give it to Mother Theresa - I mean lepyrs and all - and living in India forever with no air conditioning. That took some moxy.

    It used to be one of the things I enjoyed talking to my shrink about most - religion. His father was a protestant minister, but he knew MORE about so many different kinds of worship. It was very interesting just to sit and compare knowledge without fear of persecution. Mostly that's what fear is - lack of knowledge. I have to chuckle right now too - I'm on the look out at the shelters for a black cat, polydactyl toes with golden eyes. Don't want blue, don't want run of the mill. And the looks you get of people thinking you're hocus pocus. I just roll my eyes and say - NO I'm egyptian. or NO....really I worship Bast. Or no - Really _I just want a black cat because they are the ones that have the highest incidence of being put down - can you just believe that? Same as black dog syndrome - more black dogs get put down because people fear them. It's true. Werid but true. Why polydactyl? I just have always wanted one with extra toes. And the eyes? Never had a cat with golden eyes. All mine have had green. So I want what I want. And a lap cat. not a cat cat. A love cat. Not a lol - witches cat. OMG that was so funny. Left the shelter and they were talking about me being hocus pocus......and didn't know I had come back in. So I leaned over the counter and said BOO. They all jumped and I laughed and said - If I was a witch? You'd all be turned into toads right now for gossiping. hehehehehehe. Then I grabbed my dogs flea stuff and left. SNICKER..........So far? No kitteh.

    Anyway I'll check out the movie - sounds interesting. More like the power of positive thinking......we all can use that.

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    I think you misunderstood, the book and movie have nothing to do with any particular religion as I said in my post. I was just sharing my point of view on the power of positive energy when I stated my personal faith & I did assume that going into any particular religious viewpoint as a topic would not be ok. I only shared my particular faith as part of how I related to the movie. I also said that it is non-denominational and spiritual rather than religious. It is an awesome book and movie for anyone and an amazing strategy to put into play. I apologize if it somehow came off that it was a religious 'advertisement' as I am absolutely against proselytization of any sort.
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    pro what? lol -

    Okay no I didn't take it that way. Just soze ya knoz. I kinda got you were the said in a whisper "W" religion when I said I liked the do no harm and you said in the other post your religion has that because of not wanting to hurt the spiders. wink - got that. I just kinda go off on these Mountain troll excursions - so you have to get to know me a little better. I'm just sorta all over the place on occasion. Book, Movie....nothing to do with Mountain trolls - GOT IT!
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    LoL proselytization is the act of attempting to convert people to a faith..... Glad to kno u didn't think that was my aim & I hope no one else does either. I'm also very interested in theology & have a lot of respect for all faiths, I love to read about any faith or spirituality. ITRW I am never hesitant about revealing my beliefs, in fact anyone knowledgable about these things knows just from looking at me as I wear a pentacle necklace & have a godess symbol tattoo.....however, I have found ppl tend to be more apt to 'attack' me within the anonymity of cyber space so I was very hesitant to mention it. I feel like this community is a safe space tho & I think highly of all of you so I was very worried when I thought my point was misunderstood. Hopefully others will be as accepting as you, thank u Star :)
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    Well I don't care if your a Pagansus.....If you like winged horses and all that - I think that's great! I believe I have Nargles in my house right now....I know for a FACT I had a matching set of earrings to a bracelet on my desk and no one but DF and I live here and POOF just gone - there one minute gone the next. Then? My car keys mysteriously disappeared right? WRONG. The little box cutter thing I find in the middle of the back yard. VERY peculiar. It's never been off my ring. I've never been to that part of the yard. Could it be one of the dogs? Doubtful. Then I find my keys in the laundry. (dun dunt dunnnnnnnnnnnnn <-----scary MYSTERY music) then DF's glasses came up misisng, and other little things are just being picked up and found in weird places. VERY peculiar. DF has chalked it up to old age. I'm not chalking anything. I'm going to plant a boatload of marigolds that'll fix em. HA!

    Oh and I'm sure there is a reasonable explaination for the earrings. I just like thinking it's Nargles. More fun to think that than I'm old and senile.
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    LoL We have similar issues here but I usually just assume it was difficult child, poor kid....if we did have little ppl of some sort stealing things she'd get blamed for all of it.....then again, I usually find it all in her room....maybe she's being framed haha
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    I'm mountain troll! Ozark Mountain Troll, to be exact. From Mt Bratty.
    Just ask The Brooms!

    Ok, kidding aside (ruh roh, Relroy... It just occurred to me....i hope mother in law's name is not offensive) I need to watch this movie. Maybe I should get up now...