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    Well, now I am surprised at the events of the evening. The organization that I work for had their annual volunteer dinner tonight. This would be the one I tried for the job, didn't get, then got. Well one of the awards given for is an Exceptional volunteer award. It is named after one of the volunteers that passed away. I happened to know him we volunteered for a short time together. I was blown away that I got an award at all. I figured that with me being an employee now that I wouldn't get one. But they recognised my work from all the year before. I actually cried. Of course the people I was sitting with teased me.

    So a week into the new job (oy is it a challenge getting things to work out) it felt good knowing that even though I was going through all that emotional upheaval that they didn't recognize my work and poof they really did. It felt good.

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    Good work should always be recognized, glad that you received an award and also think it was ironic that you actually knew the person it was named for....... Cool......
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    Congratulations! You did great!
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    Good work isn't recognized enough now days. I'm glad they were thoughtful enough to appreciate all you've done for them.


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    Great Job Beth! You've been working hard for everyone it seems and now you're finally getting a little recognition!

    The Other Beth
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    Very cool!
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    Congratulations! You EARNED that award! Be Proud of yourself!!
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    Beth that's wonderful!
    So glad that they recognized your contributions. Both by giving you the job AND rewarding your volunteer efforts.


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    Beth, that is so cool. Relish the moment.

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    It's nice when other people recognize what WE (board friends) already know!!

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    That's really great! Congratulations!
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    How wonderful! Congratulations!!!
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    Fantastic! Congrats:)