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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by pepsichic9115, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. pepsichic9115

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    The squealing anymore. For the last several weeks difficult child has been talking with a really high pitched, squealy voice and I'm about to pull my hair out. I am so ready for school to start. I need a few hours of peace!!
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    Something to try:

    Read books to your little one when difficult child is near by. Use different styles with your reading - maybe each character has a different tone, maybe each page is read with a different tone. (The 3 Little Pigs would be wonderful - wolf gets gruff voice and pigs get squeaky voice similar to difficult child's.

    The goal, difficult child may hear the fun you are having with reading with the variety of tones from low gruff, to whisper, to normal, to squeaky, ect. that maybe he will start practicing one of the non squeaky ones?

    Try to let your little one (within difficult child's hearing) know how the different tones will be used and maybe ask how the narrator should sound. For example, in the 3 Little Pigs, would your 4 year old like the narrator to have a calm soft voice or a face jumpy voice?

    If difficult child would let you read to him that would be fantastic but seeing the age, not many 11 year olds are still willing for mom and dad to read to them (though my Diva did when she was 10 or 11 and going through a rough time).
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    I think that would drive me crazy! I can understand why you are ready for school to start!!
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    My tactic is pretty simple when it comes to stuff like this. Whether it's a funny voice, a tantrum or an attitude problem I expect to be approached in a certain way if difficult child or any other kid I am overseeing wants something. It sounds a lot like this:

    "If you ask me politely I may say yes."
    "If you stop whining I may be able to hear you, I can't hear you right now I am deaf to whines."
    ...tantrums I pretty much ignore and simply refuse to respond to.

    In your case I would be delicate since your difficult child is only 11 but I would say something like this;

    "If you want my attention/that snack you are asking for/to play that game (ect.) please ask me in the right voice. The squealing voice is okay for play but it isn't okay for talking to people."

    The squealing may continue for awhile but if you stand firm your difficult child will quickly learn what voices you do and do not respond to. I've had this trick work with all sorts of kids in a lot of age groups, difficult child and easy child alike.

    p.s. It would annoy me too!;)